Bucket UAV possible needs tweeking


Hello all. first off i would like to thank all of you who like, questioned, or commented on my last post, means alot. counting down the last few days until lauch has had me going back and looking over some of my beta gameplay and doing so realized one big problem i had while playing as bucket that i thought i should bring up to the community and get there opinions on it.
i have to start off by saying i very much enjoy playing as Bucket, definitely in my top 3 favorite hunters. And because of this i have tried to master all of his abilities. But i have run into a problem the UAV ability. for those of you that dont know Bucket can detach his head from his body(hes a robot so dont freak out) and use it as a reconnaissance drone of sorts that can be used to track the monster for a short amount of time. a very useful ability you would think considering most of Evolves gameplay is locating and trapping the monster. however i couldnt help noticing some things that should have been done differently. As of in the Beta, Buckets UAV cannot track monsters in stealth. this winds up being so annoying since most good monters stalk around crouched. Nothing is more stressful when you’re flying around for 3 minutes trying to locate the monster and when you finally do, it wont allow you to apply the track. Even though you can clearly physically see the monster right in front of you.
Things i would change/tweek

  • Make the UAV able to track crouched monsters, at a reduced rate.
    instead of the 10 seconds that you need to hold the reticle over the
    monster, make it like 16.
  • Make it so the player can “spot” (tagging with r3) while in UAV mode. This would be helpful when the player isnt immediately hunting for the monster. Such as locating wildlife with perks or marking monster tracks or any other thing to give the rest of your squad a heads up.
  • This is not as important as the previous 2 but i think it would be neat if the UAV made a small buzzing noise that the monster could pick up on while in smell mode. This would alert the monster player that the UAV is relatively close by and should either run or attempt to hide from it; instead of just crouching.

Please let me know what you think, all types of criticism are excepted just keep it productive and clean, thanks.


They said that was a bug and the UAV should be targeting crouched monster.It will be fixed by launch :slight_smile:


It does make an audio sound and you can smell it out.


And there is no reason to make it 16 because it should be 10 seconds anyway.

In the final game UAV can track crouched monsters aswell.It will be 10 seconds.It can be smelled and does a noice.

All your suggestions are in-game :slight_smile:


good im glad turtle rock jumped on this as it was clearly a big problem. would still like the spotting option tho


*Cough * Buff the duration and give the monster an outline like dust tagging.The UAV is his only utility dang it! *Cough *
I’m so sorry, I think I got a sore throat…


if im not mistaken you get increased duration through mastery of the ability. And i think the monster print symbol above the monsters head is adequate.


it is so inconsistent… i think it is ugly :frowning: i would rather have an outline, like tranq, dust, abedart.

last time i played, he could ping in UAV mode.


During the beta neither me or my friends could ping in the UAV.


Pinging was removed in the beta build. It was a fair balance because there was no reason to really tag them with the UAV until the battery was low if you can keep waypointing them. I would do that in alpha and it felt way too useful. If you’re communicating via voice chat, you can use cardinal directions and landmarks to point out Elite wildlife and such.

And yes, the UAV makes a very loud sputtering sound. It’s quite evident to the monster. I’ve had many monster players turn to look for me before I was around the corner, poised and ready to attack.


Abe dart doesn’t have an outline it has a similar mark to the UAV


Ive not used Bucket…is there a time limit or cooldown on his UAV? Can the Monster destroy it or smack it away or anything?


Don’t know about the CD on UAV i loved having him on my team but I was shit with him. Yes the monster can destroy the UAV its rather hard as goliath without fire breath.


Thank you sir!


There is a limited duration before the UAV crashes and there is indeed a CD after use (seconds-wise I have no idea)


what if your not in voice chat? and even if you were how could you explain exactly where to find wildlife on a quick fly-by. and as for the pinging until you have low battery. one of two outcomes i think outway the negatives either A) you do wind up helping your team catch up to the monster; but now they have to fight it one man down. chances are they wont be able to do much. B) An experienced monster player would catch on to a lurking drone and simply destroy it before it tags it. im pretty sure they could have found some middle ground instead of scraping the idea completely.


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to rule out non-voice chat users. I said if, and UAV is so much more useful when voice chat is used in my experience anyway. There’s many times I tried to use pinging/typing (alpha and beta, of course) with people I randomly matchmaked with and it always ignored. If I was using my mic with others actively speaking as well, they paid attention.

  1. True, you do get left behind even farther. Pinging could be useful for marking locations, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary and still partially defeated the point of using the UAV tag. It also felt a little unfair to the monster, but maybe that’s just me. I could mark his exact path with the waypoints.

  2. In beta, a lot of the level 25+ monsters were very good at being wary of my UAV. The thing I quickly picked up on is dodging and staying out of reach. You don’t have to be close to get the tag off, and it moves fast enough to avoid Banshee Mines. I got good enough at avoiding attacks that the monsters spent too long in one spot or they gave up and moved on.

Also, since UAV can now tag a sneaking monster, making destruction of the UAV the only counter to getting tagged now, pinging would then be the counter to destruction. You can’t stop a player from spamming that waypoint button, and pinging is far more forgiving than keeping the screen almost perfectly on the monster for a tag.


Yes…to all of that.


Personally I think bucket gets a bad wrap because of the nature of UAV. Having his body stay stationary during the hunt only to wind up 150 meters away when his teammates need him most doesn’t do anyone any good. My only wish is that they would force the bucket body to auto follow a nearby team mate like a bot.


Then there would be zero reason to not use it. They don’t like binary decision making.