Bucket tips for new Bucket players! :D

So yeah, I just wanted to give some tips for new Bucket players.

  1. Use your UAV when you got a clue or an idea of where is the monster( birds, destroyed stuff, sounds) If you use it at the start of the match or any other time without having any clue of where the monster went, then you’re just wasting time or maybe you’ll get lucky and find it, but I don’t recommend it.

  2. (This is a very well-known one) Use your UAV when the dome is about to go down, that way you can keep constant pressure on the monster.

  3. When you use the UAV, ALWAYS put at least one sentry near you and when I say near you, it’s for a good reason, because good monster players like to sneak pounce on Bucket when he’s using the UAV, but the turret will negate that, but if you leave the sentry far from you, the monster can just destroy it first and go for you, that’s why, if you have it near you, he will be forced to harm you and you’ll have time to cloak and run.

  4. When you tag the monster and you see that your teammates are still far away from it, use it again as soon as it charges up, keep doing this until the trapper gets him.

  5. When you’re using the UAV and you lost track of the monster, try to look for corpses or destroyed stuff in the area.

  6. If you’re fighting a monster inside the arena and it decides not to fight and starts hiding, use your UAV so they can find the monster and keep damaging it.

  7. Don’t use your UAV in nest… players will hate you for it, stick to the goal.

  8. When you’re using the UAV, be careful against good monsters, they will try everything to destroy the UAV, so keep a distance and dodge.

  9. Use your UAV in high grounds, not low since it’s dangerous because of the wildlife.

  10. When you’re near Wraith with the UAV and she uses decoy in front of you, you still have a chance to tag her while she is cloaked, look for broken stuff in the area, you might tag her.

11)(Basic one) When you’re deploying turrets, make sure they are spread out ( on high and low grounds) don’t put them together since that way the monster can easily destroy all of them at once or just go to an area far away from them

  1. If Marcov is in your team, put the turrets near his mines, so if the monster wants to destroy the turrets he will be forced to go near the mines.

  2. Make sure your team knows where the turret’s area is, so they can keep fighting near them.

  3. If you see that the monster is focusing on a downed teammate, create another turret area so the monster gets punished heavily for camping the player or it will force him to get away from your teammate.

  4. (Optional) When you’re following the monster, you can keep deploying turrets around the map so when the monster randomly find them, they will not let him feed and they will deal quite an amount of decent damage.

  5. When your team kills a very important elite wildlife( Tyrant for example) make a turret area near the body so the monster doesn’t get that buff easily.

  6. When you’re the last hunter standing and the monster has very low health, don’t run, face him with all your turret buddies, believe me, if the monster is smart, he won’t face you, turrets are very dangerous…

18)KILL MAMMOTH BIRDS, oh oops, this isn’t a Bucket tip, my bad.

  1. So, because you’re Bucket and not Hank, you can’t shield anybody, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save them from death, when you see a teammate being focused on, use your cloak so they can escape, especially for the medic.

  2. Use your cloak when you’re near the monster, so he doesn’t know he’s going to get trapped.

  3. Jetpack recharge perk is great for Bucket, you can keep up with your teammates, you easily dodge the monster from time to time and it helps you spread the turrets out.

So yeah, that’s it, do you guys have more tips? If so, feel free to share them and happy hunting :bucket_salute:


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Omg,How I could I forget that! I do that most of the time, but yeah, it’s a pretty good strategy C:

Just played 2 matches in a row with someone as Bucket…

1st match - I’m Trapper and Bucket gets a UAV track on the monster very quickly and then I dome him. We did about 80% damage to health so good game!

2nd match - I’m Kraken (versing the same Bucket player) and I totally wreck their faces because they have Bucket and not Hank… :blush:

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This is a good thread. So many people call Bucket useless because they can’t use him.

Also, rocket jump while being focused. Not only does it deal damage to the idiot chasing you, rocket jumping and jetpack boosting simultaneously will send you forward a lot more than just boosting. Tested myself.


Rocket jumping exists in Evolve? Tell me more friend, while I reminisce on Halo

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You have very strange tastes. Bucket teams can only win if the monster is bad, and everybody on the team is good.

I didn’t know that, that sounds pretty awesome! I’m going to try it

Hmm not really, I have played too many matches that could prove you wrong

Your win rate, on Bucket, in % please. If it’s anything below 70 or, even worse, you have an “undefeated” streak, then you cannot prove me wrong.
Don’t misunderstand me, if you want to play Bucket and if you have a team that knows how to play with him effectively - by all means, go ahead. But his potential for random teams is very low, compared to Hank and Cabot, + upcoming Sunny.
I would never want to face a skilled monster with Bucket on my team, even a skilled one.

You won’t ever see a good Hunter player with over 70% winrate though because that would mean he’d mostly play bad opponents. Otherwise the percentages are a lot closer to 50%. Unless you have actual bad Hunters which hover around 30-40%. That said, if you’re like me and almost exclusively play with a full group WLR’s of 3+ are possible, but defeat the point of showing pub-viability.

Very well, perhaps 70 is a bit too high. But 60? That’s below 2 WLR, so that’s definitely doable.

That is the only tip I had.

That works?..

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Yeah, I forgot to mention that you need to always have 5 turrets out in combat at all times if you can deploy them of course

Oh and that’s why I didn’t talk about the rocket since his main damage dealer is the amazing sentry guns, bad bucket players just spam missiles

Now in response to “buckets sucks” threads… We can direct them to the “No, you suck” thread :wink:

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Thank you buddy! and that is also a great tip :bucket_salute:


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