Bucket, the selfish support

How does one bucket.
My team get shreked if my friends elite hank is not sitting on his shield saving my medic butt.
Cabot goes for all out damage
And hank goes for all out defense.
Sunny is a little bit of both
But what does bucket do?

So you’re looking for Bucket tips? :smile:


yeah I guess. He is a great character and funny but how to practically use him :joy:

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Well, I created this thread where members of the community and I give tips for Bucket :bucket_cute:


Bucket allows you to essentially bring a second Assault who has a cloak instead of a sheild

Debatably effective dependent upon player skill

But yeah, bro your tripping… Bucket is boss in the arena… It’s just most of the “bad” bucket players spend so much time using UAV that they can’t keep up with team and their never inside of the dome with enough time to set up defense for medic and offensive zones

A good bucket knows the right time and place to use UAV (at the end of domes, beginning of Match, when your SURE youve lost the monster

But once you get the hang of bucket you find out that no other support can hang with buckest damage values over time


Match, You mean

Bucket, like most of Team B, is focused on area coverage.

He supports the Trapper with the UAV.

In an Arena, he locks down an entire area by spamming the Sentry Turrets.

Use the Missile Launcher once in a while to harass the Monster.

Oh thanks…


I don’t get why its a cat, but sure.


Thanks miles
Yeah, bucket is very good for damage but if the monster isolates medic bucket can’t do crap especially if it is a good monster. I love his sentries though :stuck_out_tongue:

It was the second most interesting image on google when I typed in grammar nazi

Geez, necro just roll with it


Yeah but that’s part of his magic, they decide to focus u and you get to be like

:smiley: Ha-ha imma pop invis good luck finding me in-between all of my turrets… If I’m still their


I love his reliance on mind games more than any other support right now

No,screw cats, little devil creatures.


Dogs are the best

Right? :dog:


Cats are evil.

I was playing arena yesterday with the WORST Bucket. He stayed as far away as possible the whole match, surrounded by turrets. Naturally, every time he was the last one standing, and just banked on that 4x damage to net him the win. It worked, but was really awful teamwork. Where were the cloak and turrets when the rest of us were getting slaughtered?

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I heard that a monster can just sneak right up to the turrets and they won’t fire. Could be wrong, I haven’t tried it out.

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On topic I feel bucket is only selfish if they player plays that way I use turrets to create areas of denial/protection medic is a lot safer in an area 5 sentries can shoot at (you would be surprised how far they still can be apart) monsters will either take all the damage , try to take out sentries, ignore medic, or try to take them by range (effectiveness determined by monster/ability loadout).

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I main trapper and support but lately I’ve been keeping support at #1 choice. When I do a match and we have an Abe or Crow that can’t find the monster,I realize we are dealing with a bad trapper. If he’s placed as trapper again the next game, I choose bucket and keep track of the monster for the trapper. Granted a really bad trapper still can’t trap the monster. Bucket is also good for covering areas that Griffin’s sensors aren’t covering. So yeah, bucket is the trapper’s support.

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He’s also the assault’s support! Sounds like bucket is a teammate after all.

Definitely a fun character.

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