Bucket Suggestion


How about, in order to make the uav head much more useful during combat, he can throw it out in front of him like a sentry, this is where it gets interesting.

The head acts like a surveyor, periodically tagging the monster in dome whenever it has line of sight and increases turret range TREMENDOUSLY for as long as the head and turrets have line of sight.

Buckets specialty is area denial, because if 5 of these get placed far apart and they lock in on a monster, that things health will bleed out fast.

(I was mopping up a random team and wanted to test just how fast armour drains with Behemoth, and it drops QUICK when all five are on you)

Edit: Just to be clear, this isn’t player controlled, think of it like placing a turret but moves on it’s own scanning for the monster, and another bucket head pops out of Bucket so you can continue the fight.


That’s a good idea.

Maybe Left Trigger for the additional targeting, and Right Trigger for the standard UAV?


That’s the jist of it.


But then bucket runs around without a head.

Poor Bucket.


I like it, it would help the Sentries track/attack the Kraken.


Then none shall mock our Robot.


This was mentioned on another thread and is not my idea, but this seems like a logical place to mention it.

The idea was the UAV becomes an invisibility drone, sort of like the healing bug. Could be AI controlled or human controlled. Wouldn’t make them totally invisible, but like 75% invisible. This gives bucket a defensive ability that he sorely needs.


This would need to be active targeting on the part of the player. Hold left trigger to cause the targeting for the turrets. Otherwise, it could start doing too much damage if its a passive or automatic targeting.

Feel free to point out any errors in my thinking. That’s just a knee jerk thought I had.

EDIT: For the OP’s idea.


That sound cool! Maybe left-click would be the normal tag and right-click would be a lock-on marker for the sentrys? i think that would make him much better :wink:. But to be sure it isn’t “OP! NERF NOW!” material his body would still be idle so he is vulnerable…but this overall makes UAV MUCH better in combat.


Current meta seems looking at defensive supportive play, atm, with some cabot/offensive play.
Seems tracking the monster is not an issue for an experienced hunter teams anymore, with additional kraken being the “most” viable monster atm, i think bucket will be the least favourable hunter NOW.

  1. Meta changed
  2. They change bucket’s set to defensive ( as in shield/damage migitation or reduction / turrets with missle for air support etc.


I think that the turrets just need a 3 different range of fire modes long medium and short. just increasing the turret range can end up being a problem, they need to scale in damage the closer the monster is and that’s it. so bucket can at least offer consistent damage on the monster, he can still assist the medic/trapper with cloak but there inlays the same problem bucket has always had, the only trick he brings to the party is damage or cloak. The UAV is only useful in public games because most people cant track for crap.

I just thought of it but it would be pretty cool if they replaced the UAV with giving Turrets the ability to fly after the monster for a short time 15 seconds or so just to make them “Kill me or i’ll Kill you” sort of pace on the monster to make him a little more scary.


I agree with you, although I am confident Bucket will never be changed to a defensive support.



As Bucket player (over 500 wins on PC ) I would like one more thing when I play with my team.

Could you add the “compass” in the HUD when we are in UAV mode. It’s really important to communicate the position with my team on mumble when I track the monster.

Thank you for considering this request.





…is cute.


Being able to see what direction the uav is facing with the map up would be neato too