"Bucket Sucks"

Turrets cause him to waste attack time setting up for something that easily requries a simple melle attack while fighting

Or even better, taking the fight away from established sentry areas, seeing as how you’re the monster being hunted. He offers no protection, so I’m personally glad when support chooses Bucket when I’m monster.

The bucket head really does a good job at letting the monster become aware that he’s being chased, all the more reason to spam traversals to get away.

not to mention, most of the time they die to collateral damage
lava bomb


I’d say those people are just idiots. I rarely run into someone who can play Lazarus well. Yet, he is the medic I see picked most often for God knows what reason. Instead of quitting, I take the health regen perk and see how good they are with the character. If they’re good, I’ll choose a better perk next time, but if we lose three matches in a row or something, then I quit. It’s a similar thing with Bucket and other characters. I give people the benefit of the doubt and play a couple rounds with them before up and leaving. Personally, I love Bucket and it makes me happy to see him picked.


He’s useless, the only time I can expect use of him is when people wanna mess around and have fun, and I’m up for that, until the monster turns out to be halfway decent, then the hunters should accommodate , otherwise gl now that your hunter group backed out on you.

Time for me to go pro Bucket
takes off dress, grabs rocket launcher, walks out kitchen

And open the ship’s door to a be greeted with a rather welcoming lightning strike or rock to the face.

I’d never quit over character choice. I think buckets pretty great, i know that as monster his uav is the bane of my existence.

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I would argue Abe’s problem in pubs isn’t so much people are terrible with him (though that is certainly true at times), it’s more that he’s the most dependent on having a coordinated team. Maggie requires no coordination; Griffin suffers without a coordinated team but can still get the job done; Abe though… if you don’t have a coordinated team that all have their eyes peeled for signs of the monster and are effectively spreading out and searching the map, you’re gonna have a tough time.

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His UAV leaves him at least 50-100 meters behind the rest of the team when using it, while a good monster can kill it with an ability easily before tagged causing bucket to be completely out of position with no gain whatsoever, and when he finally gets to where the fight is (if the trapper isn’t already dead from burst damage because he has no cloak) he’ll spend a good 5-10s setting up turrets which will generally be killed by aoe from almost any ability so he’ll have to spend most of the dome resetting all the turrets that get destroyed, all the while he’s not forcing the monster to change targets or evade the turrets at all (because fighting near them will destroy them before they can do enough damage to make running for them a better choice than staying there and getting a few downs on medic and trapper).

When he is at his strongest is at stage 3 when you’ve got time to set up turrets in places where they wont be destroyed too easily (out of the area where the main fight will happen, but close enough to still be fighting), at which point any semi-good monster will already have 1-2 downs on medic, support, and trapper, so each one can be downed somewhat quickly making the turrets strength (extended fights in one area) and his main strength (his turrets) mostly useless.

Btw LOVING the dress pic


I win when im bucket quite consistantly


Bucket is one of my best characters… A lot of people don’t give him the credit that he deserves though.

  1. Buckets UAV really picks up the slack in stage 1 to catch a juke monster.
  2. Buckets turrets when well placed (Typically on elevation or inside hiding holes) can provide serious damage to the monster, or even provide a protective location for a medic.
  3. He’s currently second place as far as support DPS if I remember correctly.

He has cons:

  1. His turrets are fragile (But they’re free to deploy)
  2. His turrets have a long set-up time.
  3. He never makes a fight on time (Fashionably late)
  4. He is very strategic, but cannot force a monster to stay in his strategically set up area.

Personally, I think he’s awesome. I think people that take the time to play him well are under-valued. And people rage-quit over anything these days.


My largest complaint personally with Bucket is his UAV. It’s a decent ability, but it leaves his body in place and he often ends up falling >100m behind the group. The problem with this is that he often spots the monster and the team domes it, while Bucket is still 100m away from the team and unable to assist early on in the dome.

Now, the problem here is that his turrets are his main source of damage. He needs to have time to set all 5 up in spots not too close together, which he can’t do from the other side of the map. It’s like Markov arriving late to the fight and trying frantically to set up mines all over instead of firing at the monster. Bucket needs to be there right at the start to begin setting up turrets as soon as the dome drops, but he is often far behind due to his UAV leaving his body sitting there.

My idea to fix this was to allow Bucket’s body to go into autopilot, making it follow the closest ally (just like AI do). Now, to prevent this from being OP (ie his body dealing damage with rockets while you are in UAV), I would propose making his AI body unable to fire at anything, it simply follows the nearest ally to keep up with the group. This would allow Bucket to still scout, but also be able to keep up with the team and not be 100m away when the trapper catches the monster. Overall, I think Bucket is okay, but I would love to see a buff like this to make him more viable.


I like this idea a lot!

You know… Why can’t buckets head fly off like Gobi does… Have it come back when it’s done. Why do players have to pilot it…?

Because then it would just be another Gobi :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… Not EXACTLY like Gobi. Face a direction, send out your head/UAV, and if it finds a monster in that direction, it tags it (instead of giving the super gobidar)

Pros: The WORST complaint against Bucket is fixed.

Cons: Bucket’s UAV is super fun…

That is exactly like Gobi… Except you use the term tagged instead of being “spotted” by Gobi… Also if Gobi lasted 15 secs people would go freaking crazy

Ok then, “almost exactly” like Gobi. Sure. The option still stands, and is a very easy to program solution for a character that is very under-utilized. It was just a suggestion, and I think it’s workable.

Unlike Gobi however:
UAV has a significant re-use time.

Read’s title of thread… instantly gives death glare

EDIT : added better GIF.


Bucket is awesome, and people who leave Bucket games are only depriving themselves of a good time.

Biggest problem Bucket as a character has is his UAV, and the biggest problem Bucket players have is spending too much time in the UAV. It’s just flat not useful most of the time. If your team is on the move, you shouldn’t be standing still to try and UAV unless the monster has totally juked you and you’re scouting the opposite direction. Most of the time the UAV is best used to tag the monster toward the end of a dome, to get a bead on a monster the assault/medic are trying to flush out, or to keep tabs on a stage 3 monster that’s armoring up for the relay fight.

The biggest thing it seems like people don’t realize is that hunters have the advantage of being able to be patient, and with Bucket in your comp it pays off in a big way. There’s no sense charging into an obvious ambush anyway, and even less so with Bucket. If the monster wants to engage at full armor they can do it on your terms, because the hunters can wait around all day - the monster is the one on the timer.