"Bucket Sucks"

Was in a match where 2 people outright quit after the support picked bucket, claiming that he’s completely useless. Personally, I don’t see it myself, and even if I did see it, I don’t think that justifies an insta-quit. Are other people having issues with Bucket?

He needs a buff, yes, and he’s not the greatest for pub games, but that doesn’t warrant an instaquit…

Don’t worry, them quitting is a good thing.
What do you think would happen if they threw a tantrum mid-game?
Probably one of the leading causes to hunter death, after monsters.


Are you kidding? Noob tantrums cause more deaths than Monsters any day. Except Kraken. :stuck_out_tongue:

For pubs that also happen to be normal hunt games… He makes me wanna quit. I don’t instaquit because of Bucket but I always expect to lose whenever I see him there.

Laz, Bucket, Abe, Markov; those are the ones pubs hate most. ^.-

Abe and Markov :open_mouth:
I can see where people are coming from when they complain about Laz, but Bucket, Abe and Markov are pretty damn good IMO.
I thought Parnell was the assault people complained about most?

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Markov’s special is sub par, and doesn’t do much.
People complain about Abe, because people tend to be terrible at him.
People complain about Parnell, because they tend to be terrible at him.

If you can’t win as that character, it’s UP. If you lose against that character, it’s OP. How gaming works.

I personally main Parnell. I have all three assaults elited, bar Torvald; because he’s complained about if you play him.

Markov’s mines are easily destroyed. The mines became sub par when they received 4 nerfs in the same patch (bug fix included).His light gun doesn’t work well in close range, it doesn’t react and fire. It does little damage in comparison with other assaults. His assault rifle is decent, but still not good enough to play him.


What’s to complain about? Him being OP? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what they say. I personally prefer Parnell over Torvald.

Buckets such a waste of time, I’d quit too if support picked Bucket when we’re up against high skilled monsters. Every hunter counts for these types of engagements. Bucket can go back to steering the ship and preparing tomorrows menu for all I care.

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Someone photoshop Bucket into a dress with the caption “Get back in the kitche!”

He helps track the monster, and the turrets provide good area denial?
I guess against really good monsters, it might make a difference, but generally the cause of match loses for me are a bad strategic call, like doming Behemoth in a cave with a small roof etc

What is up with you and cooking/cleaning/kitchens? Do you spend your whole day cooking/washing dishes or something? Every time I see you talk, it’s always about that form of stuff…

Or you know… cuz in his in-ship dialogue he states that he prepares tomorrows menu and steers the ship…

But hey I like your assumption better so let us go with that.

Oh and can you do me the favor of linking me all the other times I mentioned cooking, cleaning, kitchener stuff. Since you’re such an honest fellow and such.

It’s not just with Bucket, read through your previous comments really closely. Maybe you will notice what you say.

Nailed it!


Give this man a cookie.

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Sorry but the accused don’t tend to look for information that faults them. I place doubt in what you said about me, why the hell would I take the time to look for these misconceived comments?

Good laugh, I liked it.