Bucket Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Bucket tips for new Bucket players! :D
All about Bucket
All about Bucket
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Bucket tips for new Bucket players! :D
Stage 2: Bucket Strategy, Tips and Advice

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For bucket i always go reload speed or movement speed as a perk, but depending on your preference you could choose other, off the bat once you hit the ground toss a few turrets up and set out the uav try and scout out the monster or find buffs for more early game advantage, try not to be to far behind as not to get pounced or trapped, why you have turrets up, in combat always surround your healing or trapper in turrets spaced out enough to maximise damage and not have em all broken instantly so when the monster goes after them they get their armor health chunked away, stay at a medium distance do you can easily aim missles as fsr ranges tend to be harder to control, and always be in range to throw out turrets, if you find high value elites (damage,health, dmg reduc) always turret the bodies after leaving will stop the monster from Getting the buff but also give you an idea wete he is of he passes by them, cloak as needed by your team to help them escape focus and sneak up on the monster, thats my advice for the metal lord :slight_smile:


Always pop your cloak before you use UAV. By the time you mark the monster and make your way to him, it’ll be recharged, and it will prevent you from getting singled out while you stand there defenseless.


Basically with Bucket your UAV is the least useful/most situational thing you have. Don’t use it every time it’s up, and don’t use it right at the drop (unless your team is terrible at tracking). You’re FAR more useful if you’re with your team at the dome fight. Best use case for the UAV is when your team has the monster cornered - you should be hanging with the trapper anyway, and you send your UAV in while the assault/medic are getting ready to flush the monster out so that the trapper is that much more likely to get the dome off. Those range readouts on a tracked monster are invaluable.

Cloak is cloak, just like all the other assaults - bonus with Bucket is that you can make your own “safe zone” and you don’t have to give up any damage while you’re cloaking your teammates.

GML is mostly supplemental damage - most monsters will either be running away from or taking out turrets and so you’ll be spending a lot of time replacing those, especially with a Laz or Torvald. Even with no weak spots on the monster, the turrets are still your bread and butter as far as damage goes. Don’t neglect the GML though - against highly mobile monsters I can outdamage my turrets by a large margin.

I was very anti-Bucket during the beta, but I’ve grown to enjoy him most of all, even if he’s just sadly plain less effective at high levels of play.


Here are my tips for Bucket:

    1. Priorities: Sentry guns, rocket launcher (I am omitting UAV from here, as it’s very situational and hard to give a “proper” priority).
    1. How you use your UAV is going to depend entirely on your team comp and how you wish to play. Personally, I only use it at the start of the game (if there is no Maggie), as a dome is about to drop (whenever the trapper says it’s about to, pop the UAV to make sure you keep tabs on the monster), and if your team completely loses the monster. Usually, you won’t need to use it other than at the start and near the end of a dome, but again it is all situational. Just remember to pop a cloak and/or leave sentry guns by your body if you do decide to fly your head around for a bit.
    1. Make sure to always have 5 sentry guns up in a dome. As soon as one goes down, replace it. They are your main source of damage. Try to place them in places that have good line of sight and aren’t super easy for the monster to kill (ex. putting a sentry right in the middle of the dome on flat ground). If the monster is staying in one area of the dome, place all 5 around it (not close together, as one ability can kill all the sentries). If the monster is running around the dome, try to spread the sentry guns out so that one is always firing at the monster. You can also use sentry guns to prevent the monster for doubling back for a buff or for clearing dangerous wildlife.
    1. Only use your rocket launcher while all 5 sentries are out (and in good spots). It doesn’t do very much damage, so it’s mostly just a way to do a little bit extra and for things like killing wildlife or saving a teammate. Remember that the hitbox for the rockets are quite large, meaning you don’t have to be super accurate. Also remember that you can curve rockets around objects, making them useful for saving teammates who are being pounced behind a pillar or for if the monster tries to jump/dash away as soon as you fire your missile.
    1. As with any support, make sure to use your cloak to protect teammates who are in trouble (namely medic or trapper). A good strategy for this is to cloak them and take them back toward your turrets. This means that when the cloak wears out, they at least have sentry guns to wail on the monster, should it choose to focus that teammate again.

Recommended perk: This is a tough one. I don’t think there is any clear winner here. My best recommendation would be jetpack recharge or move speed to help keep up with the team after you use your UAV and to spread turrets around faster. I’ve also used damage bonus to good effect, so just experiment here.


Perks: The good thing with Bucket is that you don’t really need any perks, which mean you can choose pretty much whatever you want. In a proper team I would suggest the reload perk so you can get your Cloak back as quick as possible, as using it correctly is a key part of playing Bucket correctly. In pubs movement speed works wonders, but my personal favorite is Health Regen because with it you are self-sufficient should something go wrong.

The UAV is your most powerful tool. Something to always keep in mind is that the UAV recharges fast enough to be ready before the tag wears off, so with some proper flying and some good map awareness, you should be able to tag the monster again just before or just after the tag wears off, keeping it perma tagged.
The UAV’s control are a bit… picky. If you fly your UAV off a cliff or somewhere else where there is a sudden altitude increase, your UAV’s altitude controls(Up and down) will be very unresponsive. If you can you should fly down slopes.
IF you do drive it off a cliff and the UAV refuse to descend, hold down the descend button and fly in circles/zig-zag until it do.
One last tip, don’t stand near the edge of the map when you use the UAV. Try to stand in the open.

###I’ll update when I got more time.


Perks: +10% Damage. Bucket is the Damage Dealing support dammit. On top of that, mobility perks are not as useful as for other Supports, Bucket being less ‘in your face’ than other supports, he gets focused less often.

UAV: I am running often with a Griffin (with reload perk), so I find the UAV pretty useful. As for the darts of Abe, it permits not only to not lose the tracks of the Monster, but to have a nicely located dome (this distance indication is pretty handy!) to deny circling paths for example. The basic rules are to avoid to use it at the edge of the map (re-position yourself in the middle), and to use it before the Dome drops. I find that against sneaky monsters chaining the UAV usually put them off balance and they are more prone to make a mistake. Other Random Tips: not sure if it is a bug or not, but flying the UAV sideway seems to be faster; sometime holding the tagging is preferable (e.g. Monster on the verge of evolving, Trapper off position), inform your fellow hunters using the mic and check with your trapper before tagging.

Under the Dome:
1- Cloaking It seems to be in contradiction with the beginning of my post, but the first priority of Bucket shall be the cloaking management. That is the only defensive capability of Bucket, which requires quick reaction, good communication and ad hoc positioning. While you are setting up your nice defensive area with the Turrets or firing your GML, always have a look on the trapper/medic health bar (except Laz, cf. after), if it goes down too fast, cloak, run toward him and mumble something like “cloak, come come come” in the mic. For Laz, use and abuse the back to back cloaking strategy. Check with him, if he needs a second cloaking before using yours.

2- Turrets: 2 Cases: the monster is a fighter or a runner. For the fighter, put them all around the fighting pit on high grounds, for the runner, put them more apart in the 4 corners of the dome or in obvious circling paths (e.g. caves.). In both case, the pro-tip is to always use the reload time of your GML to refresh 2 of them: usually some of them died, or you are naturally in a better location to put pressure on the monster.

3- GML: Pretty self-explanatory. Never watch the reload animation except if you’re chasing the monster. Don’t forget that it is guided so you can make those cool “hitting around the corner” tricks. Not very efficient but satisfactory.


Where is my cloak?! Am I doing something wrong…(I play assault with Zind so this is funny…laugh damnit)

  • If you’re going to use the UAV, if you have a few seconds to spare it’s preferable to scale some kind of small elevation nearby first (e.g. a rock formation, a building, a wall, a pile of debris), to reduce the risk of being unexpectedly attacked by wildlife during your UAV deployment.

  • The two optimal times to use the UAV are:

  1. When you have just been alerted to the rough location of the Monster thanks to birds; OR
  2. When the Mobile Arena dome is about to go down and you want the team to keep track of the Stage 1 or 2 Monster as it makes its’ escape.


The best bucket perk is the one that holds the most water. Capacity of course I’m just joking by the way of the sarcasm isn’t noticed because it’s hard to notice when people are typing online


You’ve also forgotten like the basics for combat as Bucket… I mean his kit doesnt allow for a lot of variation… But it has a good balance on offensive/defensive skills with an emphasis on utility due to the UAV and cloak

Yes , bucket does have a rocket launcher strapped to his arm…

No, that is not how you play him you fools

Your turrets are your main damage dealers at all time… That is the glory of bucket in combat… Constant damage to the monster in relation to the number of turrets it is surrounded by… If the monster isn’t being shot by at least 2 turrets than your doing it wrong buddy… Those rockets really just help add spike damage to the turrets constant… This in combination with UAV really allows a Bucket player to press on a monster over the long haul…

I tend to believe this plays out best at mid range… And bucket should have cloak popped at all times there fore the team is invisible and bucket becomes a very annoying background player


You forgot that crashing the UAV into a monster not only deals damage but also interrupts feeding and pounces.


From another top 15 bucket player to another, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun this is a FANTASTIC thread! I would only add that another great perk for Bucket is QuickSwitch, because it lets you toss up those turrets and UAV 100% faster, as well as get back to your rocket to pound out some damage in the blink of an eye. Keep up the good work!!
-Ian :bucket:


When using Buckets UAV, use both forward and sidestep buttons simultaneously (example W+A on PC) to drastically increase his UAV travel speed.

Just figured this out, don’t know if it’s well known.


If you are going to use UAV a lot you’ll need a one of the mobility perks either jetpack or move speed.

I like hp regen cause I usually pair him with Lazarus and he does very well as last man standing with HP regen.

Reload speed can help get those turrets down

Damage can work too.


Great tips for beginners, but really half of them are not that good tips. To understand Bucket you simply need to make yourself super OP. How? How can a robot that no one cares about be most effective? With a perk that makes him a living god.

I am, and not shy about it, an amazing Bucket player. The day he becomes viable for tournaments… i’m never picking Sunny again. I take health regen and I play more aggressive than any other class in the game. His greatest strength is that monsters don’t care about him. His greatest weakness, you need to abuse his kit to protect your teammates. Like Cabot, the extra damage is amazing and it needs to cover strikes. Because he cannot protect, you need to punish in return.

Litterally, spam as many turrets as you can. NEVER keep them spread out over the map, unless there is a pillar to go around or fighting against airborne monsters that will only evade (not much that Bucket can do about that anyway). Monsters move so much, you need to keep on them. When you have max turrets, swap to your gun shoot it, and replace your 5th turret near the monster. Buckets turrets are shit, but you want to create fights where at least 4 turrets are shooting at the monster at ALL times. THIS is your aim, this is the only way to win with him.

His greatest strength believe it or not are fights where the monster HAS to focus. Always create nests of turrets that are not standing close to each other, but can hit the monster from all directions. If someone get’s focused, get them to that middle spot so all turrets go fully nuke on the monster. His health drains so fast, he has to do something about it.

It takes a lot of teamwork to make bucket work at the moment, but his greatest weakness are pro players with amazing focus damage. Those hit and run moments, he can’t do anything about it really. Monsters that play super evasive will be very bad for bucket. The fact that he is the best at the relay, but has no defensive supportive abilities make him suck even there. He needs to be more offensive, or create something that offers great defensive abilities.

And why health regen? Because monsters don’t care for you, you can stand very close to the monster. You will get hit, but because you can play pretty safe if you disengage you get healed up pretty easily. Medic can focus on someone else, voila problem solved :slight_smile:


I completely agree with you, although I did mention what you said in tip number 14 and yes, I did say they are good tips for beginners so yeah, they would look pretty silly to advance Bucket players. But let me add that spamming turrets by putting them near each other when the monster is focusing someone can be effective, but a good monster can destroy them with 2 melee attacks, forcing you to set them up again, so spreading them it’s still not a bad idea in most cases.


Its SOOOO freaking annoying to get that jerk with a mic who incessantly screams about how HE doesn’t want to play with you character selection… Ridiculously ludicrous behavior from adult AMERICANS who should understand the basis of FREEDOM… Unless ur just not from here then I get it (not really)

If it makes u so sad that I chose Cabot quit bro… Your not that good at trapper anyways

Buckets not UP he’s just a high value target with horrible self-defense unlike sunny or hank… The fact that his playstyle seperates himself from team just further accentuates that… If people would learn how to jetpack, defend, heal and use invis for more than just selfish means… Bucket is really hard to track

Shit any support is, that’s the basis of TEAM cloak… Just no one realizes it starts with the word TEAM


So yeah, I just wanted to give some tips for new Bucket players.

  1. Use your UAV when you got a clue or an idea of where is the monster( birds, destroyed stuff, sounds) If you use it at the start of the match or any other time without having any clue of where the monster went, then you’re just wasting time or maybe you’ll get lucky and find it, but I don’t recommend it.

  2. (This is a very well-known one) Use your UAV when the dome is about to go down, that way you can keep constant pressure on the monster.

  3. When you use the UAV, ALWAYS put at least one sentry near you and when I say near you, it’s for a good reason, because good monster players like to sneak pounce on Bucket when he’s using the UAV, but the turret will negate that, but if you leave the sentry far from you, the monster can just destroy it first and go for you, that’s why, if you have it near you, he will be forced to harm you and you’ll have time to cloak and run.

  4. When you tag the monster and you see that your teammates are still far away from it, use it again as soon as it charges up, keep doing this until the trapper gets him.

  5. When you’re using the UAV and you lost track of the monster, try to look for corpses or destroyed stuff in the area.

  6. If you’re fighting a monster inside the arena and it decides not to fight and starts hiding, use your UAV so they can find the monster and keep damaging it.

  7. Don’t use your UAV in nest… players will hate you for it, stick to the goal.

  8. When you’re using the UAV, be careful against good monsters, they will try everything to destroy the UAV, so keep a distance and dodge.

  9. Use your UAV in high grounds, not low since it’s dangerous because of the wildlife.

  10. When you’re near Wraith with the UAV and she uses decoy in front of you, you still have a chance to tag her while she is cloaked, look for broken stuff in the area, you might tag her.

11)(Basic one) When you’re deploying turrets, make sure they are spread out ( on high and low grounds) don’t put them together since that way the monster can easily destroy all of them at once or just go to an area far away from them

  1. If Marcov is in your team, put the turrets near his mines, so if the monster wants to destroy the turrets he will be forced to go near the mines.

  2. Make sure your team knows where the turret’s area is, so they can keep fighting near them.

  3. If you see that the monster is focusing on a downed teammate, create another turret area so the monster gets punished heavily for camping the player or it will force him to get away from your teammate.

  4. (Optional) When you’re following the monster, you can keep deploying turrets around the map so when the monster randomly find them, they will not let him feed and they will deal quite an amount of decent damage.

  5. When your team kills a very important elite wildlife( Tyrant for example) make a turret area near the body so the monster doesn’t get that buff easily.

  6. When you’re the last hunter standing and the monster has very low health, don’t run, face him with all your turret buddies, believe me, if the monster is smart, he won’t face you, turrets are very dangerous…

18)KILL MAMMOTH BIRDS, oh oops, this isn’t a Bucket tip, my bad.
19) So, because you’re Bucket and not Hank, you can’t shield anybody, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save them from death, when you see a teammate being focused on, use your cloak so they can escape, especially for the medic.
20) Use your cloak when you’re near the monster, so he doesn’t know he’s going to get trapped.

  1. Jetpack recharge perk is great for Bucket, you can keep up with your teammates, you easily dodge the monster from time to time and it helps you spread the turrets out.

So yeah, that’s it, do you guys have more tips? If so, feel free to share them and happy hunting