[Bucket Skin missing - Dev Response] Daily Reward Hunter Skins Bug?


So I redeemed the the Maggie Monarch Skin and the Bucket Skin (i forgot the name), but I can’t seem to equip it. It’s not popping up in my selection. I love Bucket so I’ve been logging in for 22 consecutive days purely for his skin so I am sad that I can’t show off my new skin :frowning: what do I do?


Those skins will be added in the next update …probably. So happy hunting for now!


You will get the skin, there has been an issue the devs are aware of, hold on for the next update.


Bucket o’ Blood
If it’s the red one you mean.

EDIT:not really, it’s called Blood Eagle Bucket, but I really want Bucket o’ Blood to be a thing people call that skin. Please do it.


I got a thread going internally.

I’ll get an update out tomorrow, sorry for the issue!

To anyone who got bucket blood eagle skin from daily reward this month
Blood eagle bucket skin... I got it as a daily reward but cant use it

So, we just have to wait for the next server update? Last month I had not got the 28th day bonus electro griffin :frowning: Also had not got him after the renegade abe update … :smiley:


Does this include Blood Eagle Hyde and Monarch Maggie?


It does include night hunter bucket too.