Bucket simple buff

Hey there.
I think that most of players will agree that Bucket needs some upgrade.
For me the main problem with him - his turrets. Too many time need to deploy all 5 turrets and too easy to destroy them. So basically in team fight you will spend all time throwing them near monster or play just with 1-2 turrets somewhere in another corner of the dome…
So my suggestion is simple (maybe some one already suggested this?) - make a charging action for turrets. I mean you press LMB and hold it for 5 sec - after you release LMB Bucket will throw all 5 turrets in one simple line not very far from each other. The point is that when you finally got monster domed you can run to him with all 5 turrets ready to deploy and immediately start shooting from your rocket launcher. Maybe charging time should be less than 5 seconds or turrets should start firing right after deployment because with this way of setup you can’t use any other weapon and turrets can be easily destroyed.
What do you think about it?


i think i saw this somewhere else not to long ago hmmmm

Maybe less time to deploy?

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I think an increased range would work. Someone recommended having the detection range the same but the disengage range longer or having the Monster have to break LoS.

I’ve posted it before but nobody responded, maybe I did it wrong. The easiest fix for bucket is to not let the monster know when he is tracked by the uav. Gives him great utility considering he will be out of the fight when monster is domed

That would actually be really amazing. Have a smaller initial range, and increase the range once a turret is activated. LoS might be a bit too strong though. Having the range increase to 15 meters should be enough. Initial range 10 -> then 15 once they lock on. Lose line of sight, 10 again.

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Nah. Bucket is fine. It’s called strategic placement.

My only reaction to the title of this thread :


I disagree with the buff tho… :S

I’d prefer something that makes UAV useful in the fight making homing missiles or increase the range on turrets when the monster is tracked by the UAV

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Lets do the same thing with every other character. Maggie shoots 5 traps, Markov throws 5 mines, heck make hank do 5 orbital strikes

i kinda wished the turrets had any range of where to be placed like sunny’s shields or torvald’s mortars, let bucket place his turrets anywhere and at any distance >.>

the turrets only need more range.

Just my two cent input, i would love to see the UAV possibly be buffed in the aspect where Bucket goes “AI” mode following the team while the UAV is out an about. But maybe that’s too strong? (shrug) I just hate finding the monster X distance away, to see my team about to engage and I may make it there in time for the end of the dome.

I love playing Bucket; he’s definitely a challenge to make fully useful in a hunt game. Buffed, re-worked, or not, I’ll still play him.

I think his range needs a bigger buff and also should be quicker to deploy turrets as well.

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simple…sentry guns need more damage more health and more range. little sunny drones firing markov like assault rifle rounds into the monster, scary :slight_smile:

I don’t think that UAV needs any buff. it’s ok as it is now.
Main problem with dealing damage. Turrets is too slow to deploy and easy to destroy



Turrets just need two simple buffs- deployment speed and range. Add those and Bucket will be fine.


Strategic placement doesn’t do crap. Bucket’s place as the worst support has been unchanged since launch. this is like the 10th thread regarding Bucket needing a meaningful buff.

But I like bucket…

When I use bucket I’m like a second assault, so it must be how people use him.