Bucket Sentry Robots Throwing


I notice that Bucket currently can only drop Sentry Robots in front of him and have to be on the same floor level as the one he’s currently standing on.

I was thinking the gameplay would be better if Bucket can toss them like a grenade (seeing as they’re ball shaped anyway when undeployed).

It’s kinda cumbersome to not be able to drop a couple of them from higher ground or be able to toss them up to higher ground.

They don’t do much damage anyway, but it’s more about tactical positioning, which is kinda lost if you need to walk/jet to the floor level you want to deploy them to.


I actually genuinely see no issue with this change. It makes it more tactical as well, which I like.


I would actually like to see this. Bucket’s set up time with turrets have always been slow and cumbersome. His job is suppose to set up kill zones and this would help a lot.


Yep! This was suggested a long time ago and many users (including me) agreed that this was a great idea! I hope they do this! :bucket_sentrygun: :heart:


I remember, I would totally love this. I’ve always complained about how much of a pain it is to set up the sentrys.


Glad I’m not the only one who thought this would be a good idea. :slight_smile: