Bucket sentries don't count!?


When trying to complete my second tier for vals sniper, buckets sentries DON’T count as team damage on weak points! WTF!? This has to be a bug otherwise this is BS!


Bucket isn’t technically doing the damage so that might be the logic behind it. I think the rocktes ocunt


Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s “BS”…

It might just be a bug. It might just be that TRS thought having 5 turrets burning into weak spots was a bit much since they have pretty awesome accuracy


Does turrets shoot at weak spots?

That would actually make Val useful(ish)…


Rockets don’t because the rockets are aoe. No aoe does crit damage.

@hangender The turrets shoot at center mass but have spread. So they can hit them.


Probably is a bug. In any case I think damage from sentries should count.


I think it is a bug with things like that themselves. I have clearly done things like damage with items and stuff and have them not count. Especially Lazarus’s device, I revived something like 8 people one game, and I revived nobody according to the end game screen.


@Malaki @hangender Yes, turrets aim for and benefit from weakspots. However, it doesn’t count towards mastery challenges.

Also, Val is easily as good as the other two Medics. Anybody who says otherwise needs to L2P. :wink: