:bucket_salute: ES2: New Perk unlocking guide/tips for new and returning players


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If you’re a newer player it is best to unlock perks that help you survive more without needing to worry to much about the mechanics of it all.

Good starting perks are:

Damage Reduction, because before you can dodge properly and how to juke having damage reduction is a very powerful perk because it is a passive ability and is always active.
Movement Speed, like DR I think that this passive will benefit newer players far better than jetpack related buffs. Because it is always active and is fool prove.

##General Class Specific:

Assaults work well when they have good mobility and can do their job safely without being a burden to the team.

  • Health Regen, having this makes you more self reliant so the medic can focus on healing the others instead of you when you get smack every once in a while.
  • Movement Speed or Jetpack to keep up with the monster when in combat.
  • Damage Increase, assaults job is damage more damage is always good. :stuck_out_tongue:



will add more.

Lets all look into @niaccurshi and @MaddCow for more knowladge. Guys got more for us?


I’m on console so I gave a question about how the unlocking of perks work.

Do you have to buy them or do they unlock as you play?

I just hate the thought of wasting keys on them, and not having enough if and when a new monster comes out.


AFAIK you buy them with keys, but if you’re a founder you get several of them unlocked.


You can buy them with keys or you can unlock some by levelling up certain (possibly all?) characters.

i.e. reaching level 4 with Hyde will give you the level 1 version of ______ perk (Forgot which one he gives)


So I don’t have to buy them?


Pretty sure you could just play as characters to unlock the perks but that might just be the first perk rather than the more expensive tier 2-3 ones

edit: unless you get higher tiered perks the more you level up the character, I’m only playing as Goliath atm so I haven’t really noticed new perks as I always pick the same 3 ones every time


How does health regen perk work? Is it always active or does it stop for a while, when you get dmg? Because if you take all 3 regen perks maxed up. It should be 100 or 110 healt regen per sek. Vals healgun heals for 80 per sec. You should be almost immortal


Should be 3 seconds after you last take damage regen will start working.


I feared so. Damn.


the thought of 120 HP regen with Val’s passive and Hank/Sunny is horrifying.


I believe, FYI, that @Insane_521 said he’d find a chart or something that the devs had internally about what perks got unlocked by which character and when, and put it up online.


I believe DR is better when you are being focused, HP regen is better for random AoE damage. HP regen can also be used if you poke the monster for a bit than fall back to a safety spot. However, I still think that with the passive HP regen, and the way combat currently works, DR is superior in almost all situations against a ‘good’ monster that stays with their focus.


Especially if you’re a medic. Works so much wonders.


I’m glad that at least some of them will just unlock as you play. I’ll just keep an eye out for the perk chart.

Thanks everybody for your replies


In this version of the game support and medic are the 2 main targets. Trapper and Assault usually only get focused if they are really out of position.


I noticed that too, playing a bit of Bucket I noticed how much aggro I was getting since I was shielding so much :stuck_out_tongue:

As trapper I noticed that I’m the last one alive most of the time, the planet scanner makes for a great evasion tool in combat and when you need to bust out of there.


Bucket is almost always #1 for a few reasons. If you focus medic, medic can healburst, get shields from Bucket, Bucket pops mech, gets another set of shields and heal bursts again. The medic can usually go from 50% hp to 100% and 50% shields super fast.

Focus bucket and the same ‘could’ happen, but usually not. You also prevent turrets being deployed by residual aoe.


A pretty good advice is also if you increase your jetpack for more/better dodging abilities. Sure plain damage reduction works well but if you dodge a heavy hitting ability it works wonders.
Caira with reload speed is also pretty interesting (+capacity too…works pretty well). There are really a lot options for each character.
But as said in general advice for beginners: jetpack dodge/damage reduction helps a lot staying alive and buying the team time to damage the monster and maybe force it to flee.

Pure damage increase perks are not so advised however, because of the problem if you dont survive long enough (especially for inexperienced), you deal much less damage overall. Damage is only advised if you play in a team that goes a full damage combo that plans to play that strategy as “the offensive power is our defensive” - that requires teamwork. Not advised in pubs.