Bucket´s UAV can make some little Damage


i play Evolve since release and never has know this O.O its a nice little Detail

its extremely OP plz nerf !! ( Joke :stuck_out_tongue: )



Eeyup! :bucket_cute: :boom:


Yep! It feels so good when you hit the monster!! :slight_smile:


I have never had this happen. I was starting to not believe people when they told me…


I can see people having a right blast doing this now. I guess you could say it was a headshot. :sunglasses:


I’ve actually managed to get the killing blow with Bucket’s UAV before.

Made me feel proud.


yup, you can even aim it so it frees someone from a plant :slight_smile:


how do you do this?


its based off the momentum of the Uav, you can aim it quite accurately once you get used to it.
Always hilarious.


How do you upload your clips from PS4?


Bucket’s Adaption

UAV to C4 A.K.A Self destruct


I want to see a 4x damage UAV kill in arena.


I upload them to YouTube then post it on the forums.


Does that work with bigger things like Tyrants and Megamouths?


hmm Is my date of birth integrated to my google plus account?


I love it that after the hit you finish eating then look around like… wtf was that?!


I’m not sure, I doubt it.


Because I want to upload some vids but I don’t know if PSN compares the date’s of birth from my google account and PSN account. I gave them a wrong date of birth and I fear they could block my account.


No you should be fine man :slight_smile: , even if you got banned you could contact them. I’d be willing to help as well so no worries go for it man :smiley:


Ok. I think I’m the only one who actually cares about giving PSN account a incorrect date of birth. :smiley: