Bucket + Rogue Val, how to kill those?


How to beat this comp? Seriously. No ranting. No raging. Just asking.
Focus Rogue Val : Bucket recharges her Heal Burst.
Focus Bucket : you have to go through Rogue Val heals + double shield.
Focus Bucket to make him uses his recharge then focus RVal : by the time you do that, you’ve lost 4 bars of health ._.

Quick side note everybody already know about but I have to get it out of my system : There are some synergies on this game that are so strong, I don’t even get it.
Hank + Slim, Sunny + Val, Bucket + RVal. All this comps make the game a nightmare to any monster.
Why even try something else? Unless the monster can take advantage of a HUUUGE mistake, you can blindpick them, with the right set of perks and enjoy your win -in premades, obviously. Saying “some monsters are good against them” is obviously not relevant, since you can’t guess what team you are going to fight. /end of sidenote.

So… maybe I’m the one doing the wrong thing? I don’t know, I only got 900hrs on this game, so probably I just missed something obvious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (yeah a bit of rant here, I guess)

I was Kraken. I don’t main Kraken, I’m not great as Kraken, but hey, I’m not bad either. LS 1, BM 1, Vortex 2, Brawler, Mutated Recovery x2 (I sometimes switch to Grounder, but it’s not as necessary as Kraken, I think). Facing Rogue Val, Bucket, Renegade and Jack. A team both strong in defense AND in damage. Ok.
Jack didn’t use his repulsor once, so no hard CC to deal with. They killed all the banshee mines, the second I launched them (in their back, so they have to aim for them, I’m not that stupid °°). I thought then ‘maybe I shouldn’t focus on mines and pick Aftershock! To get those nasty turrets wrecking my butt with Abe’s nerve toxin down’. Maybe it was my mistake, Rogue Val didn’t care a sec for this. But even so…? I couldn’t go for 1 Aftershock and focus LS and Vortex, since Aftershock 1 is a pretty bubble shining around Kraken and doing nothing.
And since I was snail Kraken, I couldn’t get away from Renegade chase damage, even by tryharding to break line of sight.
What should I have done? Was I doing something wrong? Or is it that premades are already super strong, and this kind of comp makes it even easier for them to pick experienced monsters?
Thanks for ready me, forgive all the salt in this post and tell me where I was mistaken.


Just focus Bucket. RVal has incredible self sustain with that comp, but the general rule is that her single target healing suffer.


You have to go after either Bucket or Trapper. Pick one and focus them down. RVal’s healing is absolute trash-tier atm, so you can just burst through it and the shields really quickly.

Also with Kraken, I wouldn’t bother putting more than one point into mines, especially against this comp. Good hunters will just shoot them anyway, and I’m pretty sure with all the bullets flying around because of the sentries, they get destroyed instantly. Just not worth it.


Kill Bucket.


It’s as simple as isolating and destroying Bucket. The most protection a Bucket player will get is from his own Shield Burst and Rogue Val’s slightly subpar healing. Then the rest should come easy enough.


in a rouge val comp 90% of the time focus everything but her


If it’s very urgent to get out of the dome, kill the trapper. Most trappers don’t have as much experience dodging, Bucket might miss a shield, so the most defenseless guy is the trapper. If not, take down Bucket because as people said before, R.Val’s heals are subpar, and the second Bucket shield is not that hard to take down.


Pretty much this. Quantum Caira is also similar to Rogue Val in tankyness.


Plus pushing Quira’s teammates out of the fields is much easier, because she can’t just shoot at her feet or the wall next to her.


Ya, I had the displeasure of facing a good Bucket, Quantum, Renegabe, team as Gorgon. Couldn’t bully them out :frowning:


It’s ridiculous to have teams where you have to knock back the hunters to win, when you have monsters like Gorgon with literally one ability with that ability. (Not counting spider trap because it’s unreliable)

And mimic, that one ability, can be destroyed by the hunter team. They need to commit to spending some resources on restoring that sort of thing, because no amount of buffs or nerfs will make them viable or fair.


Rogue Val is designed to punish monsters that mindlessly focus the medic.

Save her for last. Her healing sucks.


didnt they say something about integrating a pickphase into hunt ? when that comes out it can eliviate some of those problems


Can’t wait for that!


Well I did focus Bucket on this game.
And yet, his shield burst was up every 20 seconds or so, and RVal managed to heal him all the time (cause isolating a good hunter from a good hunter team is… kinda hopeless :|)
His dodging was good, and if I failed one LS… he was back to full health.


Well in that case you were outplayed by the opposing team, and lost the match, but you had the right strategy.

Also Kraken is a tough monster to play right now, and if you were playing a random team then they had some serious solo buffs which in my opinion are especially effective against Kraken, since he can have trouble bursting down hunters if the banshee mines are always destroyed. Things to try would include: working on forcing more favorable dome locations, different perks (did you use grounder?), and possibly avoid using certain monsters on certain maps.


Nah, pretty sure they were premade. Really good coordination.
As I said, I didn’t pick Grounder this time. Sad to say, it’s kind of a must go now.
I’ll try to pick better locations, might help.

I’ll just keep with my beloved Goliath. I played Kraken for the daily challenge >_>

Thanks everyone for answering too!


If they are experts in dodging, they will commonly use all their jetpack fuel. If you have the feeling that they wasted their jetpack, use all your abilities so you cannot miss them(expect if Sunny is in the group). The Goliath is a good monster to counter jetpack dodges (in my opinion) expect for the RT if you use it too early because of his melee abilities. And because he is a brawler, the hunters will try to stay away from him. Run toward them to force them to get away, but do not use any ability until you feel that they used all their jetpack to distance you, so you can use your abilities without missing.


If you cant go through this, what can you go through then ?