Bucket problems


This is my first post. So I don’t know if this is the right category.

But anyway, i have noticed that when you use Bucket’s UAV, it gets all wonky and fps decreases and it gets laggy. Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else have this problem? PS4 btw.


Im a PC player, and have also noticed a few oddities while using Buckets UAV. Tho mine are mostly control related, where the UAV refuses to move period as if its stuck on buckets body or something.


Have seem this same issue (PS4 like OP too) There’s a tip that suggest you to catch the UAV to shorten the skill cool down, but you can’t never catch it, the “X” action button is always gray (like disabled) when you get to that used UAV and this prevents to short this cool down on your UAV skill.


I thought the X indicated the UAV, not to pick it up.


Yes. sure. That cross mark is the location of it. Sorry if didn’t explain correctly, I’m not English speaking and sometimes I can’t express clearly. :smile:
I meant that you have no interaction with it (in PS4 action button is square) but it isn’t any pop up nor message beside that “X”. Can’t remember if that tip was at the tutorial videos or a typical loading screen text. There’s no way on catching it and no cool down reduction. I tried two ways of getting it without any interaction, such as stepping on it and flying back to his body, but neither that seemed to work :disappointed:


I think the tooltip is suggesting you cancel the UAV once you spot the monster and tag it, so the ability starts the cooldown straight away, rather than after it times out and you’re left flying it around for no reason.

The reload / recharge perk should shorten the cooldown, though.


Hmmm, this will make sense. Now I’m doubting if what I think I read was totally wrong and the thing is like @lordweh comments


A lot of the tooltips are written in a less formal tone, and they only display for a second, easy to misinterpret if English is a second language =)