Bucket needs a buff


I feel Like buckets turrets need a slight damage increase to be below par with hanks orbital damage and cabots damage amp, they do such little damage , if not damage their range and health need a boost,

Edit: im not talking about 30% increase or anything drastic to bucket his missle is were it needs to be now its his turrets that need atleast 5-10% increase overall to make them a threat against monsters and entice people to show bucket is not to be messed with


I average about 9-10k turret damage per game. Add in rocket launcher and they are pretty well balanced right now.


You could say he needs a “buffet” :wink:



slow clap


Is that meant to be a pun? Because that’s not a pun.


Compared to cabot and hank; bucket seems to be the least effective. Hank is the most protective and Cabot is the most offensive.

And where does bucket falls?
Turrets don’t supply much damage, well I’m saying this from a monster’s perspective.

UAV, it leaves bucket behind and vulnerable… another hunter could stay but what about if either of the 2 split teams get ambushed?


UAV is invaluable when used right.

I’ve never had less than 17k Turret damage. Factor in rockets.

Bucket has defensive DPS. Cabot has offensive DPS.


Or you could use the uav from somewhere that you don’t end up behind, it’s pretty easy, move to the middle of the area, then no matter what happens you will be able to get ahead of the monster when you are done.


No he doesn’t, Bucket is fine. He’s not meant to be the main damage dealer anyway… Hence why he’s the support.


17k turret damage to the monster? Or all together awards count monster damage global average is altogether


That’s not even relevant, a buffet is a place where you can get all you can eat deals.


17k in total, but I only use turrets in monster fights, so very, very little, if any if that damage was on wildlife.


Im talking from hunter/monster perspective their to easily destroyed and when i face a bucket i laugh compared to fighting Cabot or hank, bucket offers little in support Hank can be devastating to any monster and cabot can blow your armor away in a few seconds with his amp what can bucket do, track? Cabot can do that, cabots turrets laughable, any ability destroys them instantly and their range is so bad for all 5 to be effective they gotta closer together means easier for me to break


Hahahahaha… Oh man, I average 10,000-14,000 turret damage a round. Please buff my turrets, it’s not enough yet! I need to taste the tears of wraith some more…

That being said, the turrets are amazingly OP. When the monster commits or you dome, simply cloak up (to prevent him from targetting the medic or yourself) and start dropping them around a wide area. Provide an arena for your medic to run through (because they’re usually targetted first) and let your robot babies do their magic.


Must not be playing bucket right because he can be a major pain when used right. Also, if you spread out the turrets, it’s not a problem. You can spam turrets faster than the monster can destroy them.
You just need to figure out how to use bucket.


All Bucket needs is an extra 5-10m increase on the range of his turrets. They’re fine in open areas (which commonly doesn’t happen), but since the map geography of domes is consistently rocky the turrets is usually hit or miss even when spread out.

At least his Missiles aren’t pathetic anymore.


10-14k in multiple fights?


Yes, almost every fight I play him actually… 10k-14k in turrets, 2-4k in rocket launcher.


Its called play on words lol


Bucket plus buff equals buffet open your mind padawan :wink: