Bucket is useless


I’m usually not one to jump the gun and I see a purpose in every single hunter over one of their peers but Bucket is crap. His rocketlauncher is okay. It does good damage but shooting and reloading is slow. Still, acceptable. There it stops though. His miniguns are great in theory. Practically, they take too long too shot and get destroyed with a single hit. You can absolutely not put pressure on the monster with them unless you put them next to each other and force the monster in that spot which limits your teams area movement and all of them get wrecked with one attack. Lastly, his drone is lame too. Height control doesn’t work as good and precise as it should, Bucket gets left behind and as soon as you find the monster it a completely empty, useless slot. He needs a serious buff. Hank and Cabot completely crap on him, period. Cabot provides more damage boost than Buckets rockets, Protection craps on the drone and Orbital Strike or the Rail gun shit on the mini turrets.


hes great at tracking, his turrets all around the dome force the monster to take attention off hunters or else suffer damage
his rocketlauncher feels weak tho


maybe i got a solution for all bucket’s problem
make him follow the trapper when he’s on uav mode

that’s all i want


Bucket VS Wraith… he’s pretty beastly. Wraith has a very difficult time with those annoying turrets. Also the turrets are amazing against eggs when playing evacuation. I will admit though, I hate the height control of the drone. I wish it was just ‘free roaming’ so you could go as high or low as you want unless you run into something. Agreed as well that the rocket launcher just feels lacking. Maybe if it fired faster or even you could hold it down to fire all four rockets in succession then it’d feel a lot better.

I don’t think Bucket is useless though, he’s just more situational. He’s best when there’s a stationary or slow moving target. I think he’ll really shine against Behemoth.


I play most of the game as monster, and believe me his turrets are a pain. That’s true we can broke it easily but Bucket can immediatly place a new one. The DPS of his turret are good, do not underestimate them. And his tracking ability is one of the best support tracking. When Bucket is versus me, I do not like that, mainly in defense mod, its horrid !


I play monster also and I hate Bucket with a friggin’ passion.


I go after bucket first when Im monster cus I hate him. I dont think he is bad or useless at all, just dont like him. And those turrets screaching!!


I’d always go with Bucket on Defend, that’s where he shines the most in my opinion.

In any other mode, you should rather play with hank or Cabot, since they’re more usefull in these different scenarios (Shield Projector on Rescue, Orbital Barrage/Damage Amp on Nest), unless you’re really good and coordinated with :bucket_salute: .


Bucket has quite good damage. The Sentries are good area denial also can deal quite good damage. Highest I have gotten with it has been 6000 damage and I am not very good.

In addition to his great damage, UAV is a bit hard to use but still quite useful, especially when you use it before the dome drops.


I suppose he does have a purpose for the defense modes, true, I didn’t think of that. In normal hunt though, I still find every skill of his to be very underwhelming.


Bucket seems okay, his turrets are god-tier. Had them take out 4 bars of health on a monster before. UAV mode is amazing for tracking (The bug where he can’t ping is still there though), but as mentioned, his body should slowly follow the Trapper; this would make him susceptible to dangerous wildlife and the Trapper would need to care for him.

The rocket launcher, it does amazing damage but it either needs more rockets or a faster reload time. If no reload time: 6 rockets. This would allow Bucket players to put more damage in per salvo making the downtime balance it out. If no extra rockets: Make the reload faster. It has such a long downtime it’s not that great with the current salvo size.


the not pinging things is not a bug, they took it out and allowed you to dart a sneaking monster, i do feel the reload of the rockets is a bit long but thats what the reload perk is for.


As an almost 100% Monster player, I actually dislike it when there’s Bucket on the other side. His turrets are annoying as hell. And the UAV tracking part kinda screws up almost all of the sneaking and ninja mode.

Of course there are bad effects like how Bucket will be left behind by the team after fulfilling the tracking role, and that his rockets are like ant bites. However, there is this one thing that I hate about Bucket. The turrets. Although minimal in damage, they serve well as a distraction and a headache when I want to rush-feed on any dead wildlife nearby if my armor is critically low.


I think in the context of the other two supports, Bucket seems a little underwhelming. Currently, I think his strong suit is harassment which isn’t without its value. He is definitely viable, just easy to overlook when Hank brings so much to the table defensively and Cabot is the powerhouse he is.


A bad team doesnt not how to use a bucket properly, I use to think he was sub par…hes actually decent/good


I agree that Bucket is the weakest Hunter right now. He just isn’t support. He brings NOTHING that helps the team. If you say UAV, the UAV is not much better than a Hunter with decent eyes and the ability to ping. You are also not 100 meters away from the fight if a Dome comes down. His turrets are easily breakable and do mediocre damage at best. Cabot’s Railgun gets 8-12k damage on most games. PLUS he has damage amp AND dusting. Hanks Laser cutter gets around 2-4k depending, and a good orbital can shred a monster if used right. That isn’t even factoring his shield projector.

There is no way ‘turret damage’ makes up for the ‘support’ skills that Hank or Cabot bring to the table. PLEASE reskin him as an assault and change his UAV so it doesn’t feel like you are piloting a drunken fish.


r u kidding me lol bucket rocks! he is prolly my fav character and i win games with him alllll the time, he is the bane of most monsters. and whaaa he doesnt do enough damage i dont think so, i had a match where my turrets did over 15000 damage, i just kept throwing them nonstop and surround either the monster or a downed team member. as soon as he starts focusing me i go invisible and then keep throwing them lol. right when the dome goes down uav and tracked, stay on his ass and rocket rocket rocket! i dont use the rockets for damage they r maining for annoying and keeping the monster moving so he cant eat. just my 2 cents.


I think Bucket is great.

I just wish his rockets could all be fired at once, I would love to home them in and here their lovely air strike explosion sounds close together, it would just be cool.


Did this joker just say Bucket is useless? I just started playing him YESTERDAY and all my Wraith defeats have been with him. Learn better placement with his sentries, as in up on cliffs looking down on a monster in a fight and he can do nothing to mitigate the damage but run whilst 2 other hunters are attacking.

The drone is amazing for keeping track of monsters, but it’s true it’ll take you a little longer to get to a fight if you’re team mates catch him sooner rather than later. His rockets shot very slowly, don’t do too much damage and reloading takes forever, however you need to rely on your sentries for good DPS as coupling that damage with the rockets makes some incredible damage output.

He’s an incredible asset to a team, he provides a lot of extra DPS and has a way to find a monster if your team is having trouble. Have you tried fighting a monster on the power relay and stacking all the sentries ON TOP of the relay? The monsters HP almost gets white lined!


It’s because every support has their supporting role. Hank supports the Medic to keep the team alive. Cabot supports the Assault to kill the monster. Bucket supports the Trapper to track the Monster.

Bucket is doing good with Lazarus. No need to shield good Lazarus, who can avoid damage himself (in fact, in a team with 0 comminication Hank can doom Lazarus by shielding him and giving away his position), those turrets deal much more damage by shooting weakpoints, and if Assault is down, Bucket can deal big time damage and scare the monster away from dead body, protect it from being eaten and allowing Lazarus a safe path to downed teammates.