Bucket is nothing more than a Zombie with no Mind


Why do I say this?

Well, it is not because I have a grudge against Bucket, but rather, because of the following experiment:

Basically, this theory states that for there to be consciousness (a “soul”) a mind must have a functionalist and a phenomenological component.

The Chinese brain argument suggests that if all people in China line up in a way that their actions make them emulate individual neurons, the whole of China can be a consciousness with function but without inner states (phenomenology).

It also takes the position of biological chauvinism, that only biological brains have both.

Likewise, Bucket, which is not biological, is something like a Chinese brain, that emulates consciousness but has no soul within.

Does anyone else agree that Bucket is without a soul or a proper mind?

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This guy again.

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Bucket is an Abominable Intelligence, lacking the true soul native to the divine form of Man.