Bucket In Red?


I’ve been playing around with the idea of swapping Bucket’s role to Assault. Figured it’d be fun to see what the forum thinks, seeing as Bucket as an Assault has been suggested before.

With the tools Bucket has right now he’d only need his UAV changing to become an Assault. His turrets would be fine with a minor DPS increase (those things potentially do 200DPS when all five are active) and his rocket launcher would be okay too with a moderate damage boost. The biggest change would be to his third skill.

I figured that he’d need something to make his damage a little more consistent that also plays on setting up the situation, because who doesn’t like setting a master plan in motion?

So, what if Bucket had a lock-on feature?

Edited based on Sledge’s suggestion. It would be a press to use ability with a limited duration and a cooldown that impacts the rest of Bucket’s kit:

  • Turrets would lock on to the target, focusing on them at a long range than usual.
  • Rockets would home in on the marked target instead of the laser sight for a few seconds. They would initially fly out in the direction you shoot them in, then turn towards the target.

It would be a set up skill that makes turrets more reliable but also allows the player to feel like they’re doing something with the turrets. I’ve seen plenty of complaints about Bucket’s damage output because they don’t really notice the turrets doing work in the background unless you have all five melting the monster. The rocket launcher addition is to make the skill feel like it’s doing something more and aids in curving rockets around corners, by aiming away from the monster and the corner to throw a curve ball.

Numbers aren’t set in stone, as a rough start I’d suggest a 60 metre range for the turrets once the skill is used. Good enough for domes without constantly harassing monsters on open maps. The cooldown is completely up in the air too.

What do you guys think? Would it work and, more importantly, would you enjoy using it?

Some tags for @Takran, @SledgePainter, @MidnightRoses, @Time_stops_now, @Maddcow because I already brought the idea to them :slight_smile: . Here’s a tag for @Shin too so he doesn’t feel left out.

Edit: How could I forget to tag @SlinkyGuy!? The resident Bucket lord needs to oversee all changes!
Edit2: Changed the way the skill works based on @Sledgepainter’s suggestion.
Edit3: Red Bucket. Sledge is awesome.


If Bucket was an assault

I’d like to see you fix him as a support before you go and do that, his launcher is weak as shit. and his turrets can be destroyed with one swipe. joined a game in progress with 2 strikes http://xboxclips.com/NB+Prophet+2/de66443f-9e9c-4cf3-92cb-e067e326ec00 i was fighting with him before that . went invis he destroyed my turrets and the video is everything after that. Tell me how bucket doesnt need a buff. He cant even stop the monster from destroying the relay



Hah… Man, it was just an idea he was toying with… You should probably reply to a feedback thread if you’re gonna ask about fixing Bucket…
Pretty sure this is a just-for-fun thread.

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Don’t disagree there. Being unable to stop Kraken destroying the relay seems fine, he’s not the only character with that issue, it just comes down to how the rocket launcher works. It’s damage needs some work though and the turrets are a little too flimsy to attacks that just kill them as collateral. Swipes are fine because the monster has to dedicate itself to that.

This thread is just me playing about with the idea of Bucket being an Assault :slight_smile: a bit of hypothetical fun.



But you decided not to tag me? Hmp.

I’m still saying that Bucket should be an assault but stay in the support slot and keep his cloak.
With a shield you can keep the assault alive for twice as long, not counting the rest of the team that also get to benefit from the shield.
So to make up for that, Bucket should be able to deal assault level damage if played right.



Sorry man. Most of the guys I tagged I already talked to them about the idea on Steam. I just tagged Shin because he’s attached to Midnight. Trying to avoid the really deep wounds!

I like the thought of Bucket being a support-assault too. It would allow his constant DPS to compare to Cabot’s burst damage (burst is always better when armour damage means nothing until you damage health too) and it’d make the two harder to compare. Currently, you can look at it like this: they both have a weapon, a damage tool and a tracking tool. They might play differently but it’s still close enough that one will almost always be better than the other. If Bucket was a full on damage dealer instead then it’d be an open question, massive DPS pressure vs burst pressure with a nifty tracking tool.

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can someone make my post into a feedback thread? #lazy



I like the idea of the lock-on UAV giving the missiles and turrets a timed homing ability. Think of the possibilities both within and outside of the arena.



As we discussed before,I like and generally approve the ideas,especially since I had something similar to the lock-on in mind,only I didn’t think about the turrets in the mix,which is a pretty awesome idea.

If nothing else this thread flares up Bucket discussion and many agree that although he’s incredibly kewl and 1337, he needs some serious tweaks. Converting him to an assault would be ideal,but we all know that it would bring too much complications for TRS so it’s never gonna happen.

As to support Bucket and his current state- there’s two things I always wanted. They’re no big changes but they could up his viability by a ton.

1.turret set-up time after placed should be immediate. Turret turn speed/target acquisition should be faster.
2.rocket launcher should either be a one shot-short reload weapon like the railgun or mininuke launcher,with upped damage of course OR/AND increase rocket fly speed by 50% - would still be maneuverable but could actually catch up to the monster at mid-long range before it disappears behind terrain.
3.when UAV ends give bucket the option to “Bucketfall” a new body in the vicinity of the downed drone.

sorry for adding my general Bucket thoughts to your thread @Sorrowgate , but I try to spread them whenever possible, and I don’t really have much to add to what you already suggested. Actually,now that I write this I could go for the “focus fire” to be replaced by “turret buff” which would double the turret attack speed,set up speed and reaction time for 10 seconds.

To your"focus fire" idea I would add “turrets deal double damage at <15m”(when the skill is activated)



I liked the idea of the turret side of it lasting until the monster moves away, but having both effects temporary makes more sense and would be easier to understand. Good point.

@Time_stops_now No worries, I know you wanted to discuss it :slight_smile: Bucketfall sounds awesome.



Not to mention this gives Bucket the ability to help take part in the battle while running to catch up to said battle. Monsters would have a harder time skirting damage in a dome. Outside of combat it could lead to clutch kills to monsters escaping on a thread of health, but balanced by the fact that hits to the monster outside of the arena lead to enhancing its stamina.



Yeah, so limited duration but it doesn’t just “switch off” when the monster moves out of LoS? Sounds even better.



Yes, I want to see this Bucketfall implemented into the game. “Press for Bucketfall!”, target: crashed UAV. Hope that it’s not in a tyrant pool!



yes bucket would be a nice assault with some changes. but i think bucket would a really strong support when they would add him the ability to cloak an other hunter with a drone of him like slims health drone… :wink:



I don’t feel left out now, thanks Sorrow. ^.-
I personally like the idea of Bucket as assault. You deal damage in a different way than all of the other assault, that could be interesting.



That would be pretty cool. Seems difficult to balance, but cool.

@Shin Glad you like it. Maybe it’ll take you off Parnell for once :slight_smile:



Can’t quite leave Parnell just yet. He’s still got great damage, and is pretty fun. ^.^



Bucket as assault president 2015.



To me bucket has the greatest potential that potential just needs to be met, hes close just some improvement’s here and there boom, he is good just not to much cause that leads to nerfs, his turrets damage is fine they just need a range boost, his weapon small damage boost and maybe 1 more round and slight reload speed and UAV needs a change it’s wonky,unresponsive

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I’d give it sixty-six point six meters. No reason in particular… >.>

Also so we replaced the UAV entirely? Kay. >:)

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