Bucket-Emet combo is so insanely OP, lol


If you want to make the Monster rage more than with any other set of Hunters, run Bucket & Emet together. Dunno if the combo is a unintentional or not. As it stands however, Bucket’s special weapon does not affect Emet only once like with every other Hunter. Rather, the effect lasts for a set amount of time, allowing Emet to use 5-7 Heal Bursts back to back, in the space of a few seconds. You can easily get upwards of 40k healing this way. Assuming the team can dodge a little bit and Assault is doing his job, that’s gg.


Pretty sure you can only get it about thrice in a row, unless something has changed. It’s nowhere near 7.


If you’re running Silver & Gold Command perks and hammering your ability key, then yeah you can.


heal burst > mecha > 4x heal burst > heal burst after mecha duration wears off. So, if timing is good, you can ditch out 6x heal burst. That was what I encountered.


7 healbursts? Dude, I know that emet-bucket is strong but this is a bug or a hack.

PD: It seems like it’s legal, I just hope that I never run into a premade who knows how to do this.


This. You have to count the heal before and after Bucket’s effect time.


I played Emet/Bucket before the recent HB change to him, when his CD was shorter, and I always run command perks on him and though I never counted it felt most like 3-4 HB’s when I was hammering the key; I’ll check it out again I guess.

It’s significantly better than his giving every other Medic just another healburst but then that healburst is Emet’s only good healing.


I already put it x0.5. try playing it slower and count healburst. I wouldn’t call it insanely OP, but it’s tough to get a strike. Had to make them waste mecha and go through combo again. It’s like having to kill them twice to get one strike.


The best part is that Bucket’s Mecha counts as a weapon, and so is affected by Reload perks.


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yep, good one.

here’s another example

from 1 quarter goes to full…


Back when the heal burst was like every 4 seconds, it needed to refresh multiple times.

In its current state, I’d argue that it needs to be tuned down so it only refreshes 2 or 3, so Emet does actually benefit from the mechanised core, but not in this crazy way.