Bucket doesn't want you to know, but


it’s not actually his head that follows you around the map

at least, most likely not the one you were thinking about

i mean he is a one-eyed giant


I think I know what you’re getting at, and I really don’t think it’s a good idea. As of late, a lot of similar threads have been nuked because of being… like this.


I don’t get it…


You don’t want to get it. Just leave. Leave before you die.

@avnas You’re meddling with forces you don’t understand. If SlinkyGuy sees this he’ll obliterate it!



Please don’t kill me, mods.


Damn you @MidnightMonash tell me!


No. I refuse to sully your innocence. I already have enough on my conscience with all the Hunters I killed.

Also, I edited my post to untag Slinky… does he still see it?


bucket is overheating his exhausts watching you sleep


My innocence died the day flappy bird became a thing! TELL ME!!!




I see that you got it on your own…

@avnas I know you have fun on these threads, but a lot of the forums find them off-putting. So… Perhaps be a little careful?


How do you summon somebody?





Welp. Avnas is doomed.

Abandon thread, I suppose.


@SlinkyGuy will also be watching you sleep once evolve launches


Leave anvas behind :relieved:


…I think that’s a bit far. I mean, fictional characters are one thing, a human being isn’t somebody you can talk about as such. If he actually told you he didn’t mind, then sure.


oh come on @SlinkyGuy is a bucket player

UAV is obviously watching you sleep


Man anvas if they decided to make you a mod your title would be

avas- Maker of sick threads


I’m gonna make this 10X worse