Bucket Different Abilities



I was reaserching Buckets abilities so I could know more about them and use them more efficently when I noticed that the game and wiki have different abilities for bucket the Wiki lists Bucket as having Sentrys, Guided Missile Launcher, Cloaking, and UAV but the actual game has Sentrys, Guided Missile Launcher, Shield Burst and Mechinized Recharge. This same problem is also on the Offical Evolve website but It lists Sentrys, Guided Missile Launcher, UAV and Shield Burst. I would like to know why the abilities are different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Evolve stage 2 has changed a lot of things, one of them is Bucket being reworked, as his UAV was more of a trapper thing than a support thing. the cloak was the pre-stage 2 class ability for support, but invisibility was deemed toxic so it has been changed to something more fitting, namely the shield.

Evolve stage 2 has been out for like 2 days i think, so they still have to update lots of stuff.


his reworked ability is mechanized recharge.

has the same area of shield burst of 30m an aoe that recharges class abilities faster(healing burst,matrix,satalite scanner and your own shield burst!)



UAV is now Mechanized Recharge
Cloak is now Shield Burst

Mechanized Recharge is a cooldown perk for all the Hunters’ abilities.
Shield Burst gives slight armor/shielding to your nearby teammates for a short duration :slight_smile:


I miss the UAV, it might not have been the best ability for him but it was party of what made the quirky robot cool. Can’t tell you how awesome it was to take off my head for the first time and start flying around the map, kinda depressing that its gone now. It should have been reworked, not removed.


Bucket was my favourite character… Now he’s kind of boring. His UAV was the funniest ability in the game, atleast that I knew of. So sad to see it taken away…


I’m personally happy to see it go, it might have been a fun ability but it was basically useless when push came to shove.

I’m only hoping that Cabot’s Dust Tag will get similar treatment somewhere down the line. I’d like the other, at this point far less useful, tracking ability to be replaced with something more able to benefit the team directly.


Thanks for the help. Sad that they had to take it away


Yeah but that dust tag allows him to see the monster through walls so he can shoot through walls…if you take that away then his gun won’t be so unique anymore. I don’t see them taking away dust tag unless they rework his railgun.


There’s a perk that allows more or less exactly the same thing now. Sure, the range isn’t quite as big, but typically you’ll be within its range if you’re amping the monster up as often as you should be. The problem with Dust Tag overall is the fact that it’s use is so limited. 9/10 times if your Trapper is playing well you don’t need Dust Tag to be able to shoot a monster through walls.

imho the slot that Dust Tag takes up could be much better served with an ability that gives Cabot more utility and allows him to give greater support to the entire team rather than one with the main effect of giving Cabot an easier time shooting the monster through walls. It’s been a wasted ability slot since release.

Besides, since Cabot’s damage per shot is now laughably low, if they’ve kept the damage reduction at 50% there’s pretty much no point in using the Rail Cannon’s ability to shoot through walls, as the damage will be so piss weak that it serves about as much purpose as the Dust Tag does.


What’s my profile pic got to do with my wanting Cabot to be given a better secondary support tool? =/


You joined three hours ago and the only thing you’ve posted is a mocking/insulting comment towards one of our veteran players, who’s been part of our community for some time. Please, tone down the hostility, this is a place to be cordial, and friendly with each other, even if you disagree. :slight_smile: