Bucket: Deploy, Health, Accuracy or Damage?


Continuing the discussion from Telemetry and Game Balance 6.1.1:

Presuming that Bucket might need a buff in the near future, what would you prefer to see he gets?

Or do you think he’s fine now where he is?

  • Decrease deployment time (faster sentry set up)
  • Increase sentry health
  • Increase sentry damage
  • Increase accuracy (esp. at range)
  • Something else
  • Change nothing

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As always, other alternatives can be mentioned below :wink:

Change Back to Five Deployables Poll

I think I need more damage! :boom:

Edit: Maybe accuracy though…


Accuracy. Dmg won’t be squat if the sentires can’t hit anything at 30m.


Hmm that’s true.


I think, if anything, I’d like to see either accuracy improved at range (which should give more consistent damage throughout a fight) or a faster deploy. I don’t think faster deploy will happen since they want to stop the deployable spam, so accuracy is the only way to go IMO. Health doesn’t help the frustration of fighting deployables, and damage will, as Feng says, kind of broaden the gap between bucket doing well and badly.


If they got an accuracy buff I can almost gaurentee nobody would say anything bad about bucket again. Having that accuacy ensures bucket is able to spread out the sentries pretty far apart and still get max dmg off them. Whereas just a dmg increase would probably yield little results. Sure it would be better when a monster is close…but that also means easier to destroy. Which in the end could end up doing less dmg because of constantly having to redeploy them.


Like 3 sentires NOW can chew through one bar of health from behemoth at point blank range aimed at his back in 6 seconds. Being able to do that form a distance sounds even better. With accuracy buff you can ensure max dmg. Then this way less time actually deploying sentries and more time on the GML or UAV.


Overall yes dmg will be lower then with 5 sentries sure, that was the point of the nerfs, or one of anyway. But 3 can still easily get the job done.

I say accuracy buff and call it a day. The only trick now is how MUCH of an accuracy buff should they get?


Can we bring back the longer throw range as well, so Bucket can get his sentries in position more easily without having to go all over the dome.


Exactly this. That toss range nerf hit me significantly. Lol.

Accuracy would be the better buff at this point for bucket. Especially with gorgon and Wraith being pretty good


If Bucket is really going to act as an area denial, then the turrets need more health. Just like Behemoth’s LB, the turrets have to do noticeable damage over time.

Maybe even give the turrets a battery meter so they are indestructible, but only deploy for 30 seconds at a time, and must be refreshed. It is not area denial if the monster can quickly clear the turrets with little damage. Area denial to me means the monster would be better off avoiding the area than trying to destroy the turrets in most situations. Having turrets that the monster can’t destroy, but only deploy for a limited time keeps hunters from being as strong at the relay, and provides opportunities for the monster to exploit.


I like where you’re coming from, though I don’t expect any significant changes in direction to be considered before simpler variable tweaks. But I totally agree with what you’re saying… harder but limited duration area denial would be strategically more interesting and certainly less overpowering where the hunters have an area they can choose not to leave.


Where’s the “all of the above” option? Because as far as I’m concerned, just about everything about the turrets currently needs buffing.


it’s an exercise in determining priorities… what do you think is most important to change first, if anything?


the issue with buffing everything at once, even by a tiny bit for each, can end up over buffing it.


While that’s true, I don’t think anyone can deny that Bucket currently needs buffing on near the same level as he needed prior to his previous buffs, and these buffs are pretty much all needed on his turrets. 18dmg/shot is absolutely pitiful for an area of denial character no matter how accurate the tool is, especially now that there are 2 fewer of them. At this point each turret individually needs to be enough of a threat to discourage the monster from going near it.

It actually kind of irks me that they’re quick to utterly demolish characters with the nerf bat, and then proceed to drag their feet when characters need buffing.


if they had an accuracy increase at long range, then all you would need would be to overlap them at longer ranges which creates an area of denial within the center rather than group them together to create the area of denial


All sentries need is an accuracy buff. That’s it.


i think we do an accuracy buff first. then if needed, a damage increase.

and increase the toss distance. please. -.-


I’m not too worried about toss range.Then again I play markov where mines range is 7m placement IIRC. But an accuracy buff again would pretty much seal the deal.