Bucket + Damage Increase?



Do the damage increasing perks give Bucket’s turrets additional damage or is it just him?


I think so, @IanBreaker do you know?


I know,It does

but acid round>%dmg bonus


yea DoT round are better than DMG increase perks since the turret only does 7…add 19%(latest update nerfed from 21% I think) doesn’t increase damage a lot, but with poison+acidic rounds it’s better…I used to do this before but since I’m very experienced now, I’d rather go reload speed perks for mechanize recharge to cooldown faster, or Leadership+Command perks for Shield burst cooldown…but I use reload now, I think it’s better to play bucket by utilizing recharge to help assault charge his personal shield or medics healing burst. But don’t forget to place turrets away, preferably in the ledges or something high enough and that monster won’t bother to go.


I tend to try placing mine in foliage… lol


While were talking turret placement what is the range on those things? I place them on ledges for reasons already stated but I’m worried if I am planting them too far away.