Bucket Balance Question


Hey guys! Just a quick question regarding Bucket.

Now, I know that balance in a video game is an extremely long and complex set of calculations and trial and error, but I had a question about Bucket’s damage output;

How come Bucket, the 2nd Offensive Support, only does 40 damage with his GML (For a maximum of 200 damage per clip)?
Emet, a medic, does 40 damage per rocket times 8 (320 damage per clip)
Griffin, a Trapper, does 21 damage per bullet times about 20 (I believe) so 420 damage per clip
And even Val, a Medic, does 60 damage per shot with her rifle, which reloads rather quickly.

Now, I know that balance decrees that since Bucket has his turrets, his GML must not be as good as the other weapons, but it seems laughably weak compared to the other support weapons; 120 per shot for Cabot every 2 seconds, 125 per nuke for Sunny, 21 damage per laser for Hank times 30, etcetera.

#So I guess my question is, what is the reasoning behind Bucket’s GML only doing 40 damage per shot?



I haven’t had a chance to play Bucket yet but in my opinion Hank has the same issue with Cutter.
Each bullet seems to deal 16 damage and I can’t even kill a Blitzleopard with full mag.


… why in God’s name has Cabot’s damage per-shot been hit so hard? He’s already the only support character in the entire game that gets heavily punished for each miss and now his damage output has nearly been halved? His Amp had better have been suitably buffed to compensate for that.


People would probably argue you should be using his turrets to augment his damage output. But turrets is something you can’t rely on all the time. To be fair 40 DMG per rocket from an offensive support seems really weak.


Yeah, see; Bucket’s my main character, love him, and I always place my turrets well, but I still cap around 7,000-9,000 damage at the end of the game (3000 GML, 4,000-6,000 turrets).

Compare this to Cabot, where I get around 9,000-11,000, or Hank, with around 10,000, it just seems really…weak.


It seems like they’ve heavily nerfed support damage output. Support used to be the second highest DPS next to the assault but now Hank is being out dps’d by all the trappers.


What you have to remember is that Bucket never stops firing (apart from to place more turrets for more damage). Defensive heroes like Hank need higher DPS weapons, because half the time, they’re shielding, and not actually doing damage

His defense is actually really great, as the mechanised core can almost instantly recharge and shield/heal burst giving someone being focused hard a big help. Because of this, I feel Bucket is now a viable pick

Cabot on the other hand is someone I feel could do with a bit of love.


Seems to be what I’m running into

cough OG Maggie cough

She does like 700 damage point blank


Oh no no, I know! It just seems like he gets outdamaged by every other character I’ve picked in the game. Heck, I got 10,000 with Griffin’s SMG alone in a game. Never came close to that number with Bucket, and I consider myself a pretty great bucket player.


So is the question more about where Supports fit in damage wise in Stage 2?

I see them as being just above medic. Assaults, they obviously should be doing less than, and Trappers job is CC while piling on damage. While I wouldn’t mind the offensive supports doing more damage than some trappers, in the current form it really only applies to Cabot, as Bucket’s new ability gives him a big defensive buff.


Well, the issue I have is that if I am on point and land EVERY rocket of Bucket’s GML, I won’t take out even 3/4 a bar of armor. If the GML was increased to say, 60 or 70, I think it would be in a good place.


If Bucket did as much damage as he used to and had the same Shield Burst and MR, he would easily be OP.

Bucket isn’t a DPS support anymore, he is a well-rounded support that gives decent defense and decent damage.


I’m not asking for him to do as much damage as he used to - god knows, I could chunk the Monster’s health and armor like nobody’s business with the GML - but I do just wish that my GML made a bit more of a difference in a fight. Right now, it seems more effective to forgo the GML and spend all my time throwing turrets. I know that he needs to be balanced between offensive and defensive, but his primary weapon does not seem to do well once you need to actually chase the monster. The rockets are too far spaced between trigger pulls to effectively stop a monster from eating, and don’t do enough damage to scratch the monster or deter it from a teammate.


(also I love your meta index :heart:)


Big update on the way :sunny:


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Bucket is arguably the strongest support in the game right now. Hunters are still trying to be WAY too aggressive in domes. The monster is on the clock, NOT the Hunters. Build a defensive nest and camp it. If the monster doesn’t come out he literally loses half the match time for not coming. If he does, 7 dmg per tick, with 3 turrets + your GML is a crapload of damage. I regularly get 10-11k in solo pubs with Bucket without even trying too hard. On top of that he can instantly refresh every ability. He can double shield blast, allow a medic to double heal AND get double shield burst, hes pretty strong. Also, if you want some serious damage numbers, get the poison on bullet and damage increase because his turrets will poison the monster.

The GML is more for killing gorgon mini spiders, chasing, doing damage if you have nothing else to do because your turrets are melting the monster, or for shooting around corners to flush the monster out of a corner and prevent armor channeling.


done :sunny:


He’s not an offensive support. He’s a defensive support that uses offensive tools.

@MaddCow Can’t wait for bucket to get nerfed so I don’t have to pull out my hair from every ranked game being RVal+Bucket.


I think his turrets are meant to make up for it. But since he has literally nothing but damage and the default Support abilities, perhaps a slight buff might be in order?

Not too big though. Let’s not forget, turrets are pretty strong. And Mechanized Recharge plus his Shielding Burst can actually add a lot of brute force protection.