Bucket Appreciation Thread


I just thought I’d start a thread for those that are fans of using the oft-maligned mechanical support… Bucket.

We used to do these kinds of “appreciation” threads on the GTA boards, so I figured it’d be worth trying here.


I have been using ol Buck more than most characters and should have it
finished up (Elite) at some point today when I get on (was ranked 40th or so as of last night). As with all things in gaming, I don’t really know why he’s my go-to guy, but he just suits my play style. There is no “best” class or character imo… it’s a
personal choice. You can reply with the lame “he sucks” type replies, but hey… I paid for the game, I get to play it any way I want as long as I am having fun. So let’s not digress.

Due to the time in I have, I tend to be the best or one of the better players in each match. It’s the player, not the class/character imo.


To me he does a lot of great things and is indeed suited as a “support”.

He “supports” the medic by cloaking them or by cloaking and
picking peeps up.
He “supports” the tracker… (U have to “use your head”)
He “supports” the assault with rockets and sentries.

I also believe he is a great response to all the Wraith problems people are always on about. To get the final elite level you need to spot/mark 25 monsters before they get to LVL2. This was eye opening. I now do this right away in most hunt sessions and it can be invaluable to get on the monster early and often. Daisy isn’t even close by the time I have marked the monster and my team is hot on
it’s tail. This also allows the team to take Abe or someone else as Daisy isn’t really necessary.


UAV – as noted this can be invaluable. No, you shouldn’t just stand in the middle of the map and spam it, but using it at the beginning of the match is a great tactic. Beyond that I also mark the monster (especially the Wraith) as soon as we dome so the team can keep track of it. It also is a good idea to do this when the dome is about to expire… ensuring you keep the pressure on afterwards.

Be sure to either add the speed perk or the jet pack perk to ensure you can catch back up to the team. In fact, in a lot of cases I am still the first person back on top of the monster when I do the initial UAV launch.


Whether it’s in the dome or around a power station, deploying these wisely (not in groups where they can be destroyed en-mass) is the call of the day. They can also be deployed around a fallen team mate (just use a few) in combination with the cloak to make picking them up much easier.

Nest - when playing nest mode, be sure to drop 5 turrets at the first egg and move on. Worried about being alone in the wild? Back to the cloak… monster finds you… YOINK… dissapear into the mist. Get to the next egg, rinse and repeat.


The important thing to remember is that you can guide these AFTER they are launched. In some cases you can pop 2-3 of them off and THEN pull the aim back in on the beast. Again, ol Bucket can deal with the ground based and air based monster. A good versatility to have. In fact, ol Goliath hates him since he can slam him with missiles and sentries.

Also keep in mind that they are proximity based… meaning; you only need to get close (a direct hit does more damage tho)


Not only can you use this on yourself, but it can be used for other teammates as well (downed ones, or can cloak the medic). You do come out of it when firing or deploying sentries, so stay on the move.

It can also be invaluable when the rest of the team is down. At this point you are now the hunted. Use it to get some distance on the monster (so he can’t sniff u out) and avoid him while waiting for the team to spawn back in. In one match yesterday I kept putting sentries at the power station, going stealth and getting out of smell range, rinse and repeat. The monster was going mental trying to find me and finding sentries each time he went back to the power station… was funny (yes, team did eventually spawn in and we won).


Again, to be effective you need to be able to deploy the UAV when it’s a good idea to do so. You need to get back with the teak asap… this is often fairly easy with the right perks and the fact you know where the monster is headed, more than your teammates do. Get on the mic… tell 'em what’s up.

I’d also love to see the lock-on time shortened… it can be frustrating (given the battery life) to get a clean lock.

Anyway… I could go on a ton more… I just wanted to start a thread for those interested in ol Bucket or those that, like myself, enjoy rolling with him… please do share your own tips and experiences…

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Yep. I use UAV the second my feet touch the ground after the first drop and have the monster snagged in no time. I don’t really use that function after that unless we get completely lost.

I spread those turrets out over any area I think the monster will want to go to once the dome is dropped.

I don’t seem to have the problem landing rockets others have.

I think instead of hating Bucket, those who don’t like playing him should just skip him and move on. He’s obviously not for them.


I love Bucket, especially because of the turrets, I always love characters that can summon or put minions that can help them, so when I saw Bucket, it was love at first sight [:


Fer sure brother… well, I do find a spot on high ground first, don’t want to leave my body out there. But yea… it does wonders against the ol Wrath issues. He has the team hot on his heels in no time. Daisy is just to slow…

And I also agree on the haters… meh… don’t like him? Then don’t use him. Again, I am a LVL34 and top 50 Bucket. I am always an asset to my team, which is the point of the game. Don’t be hating my ol Buck… he’ll serve ya well folks. It’s the player, not the class/character.


If Wraith gets arena’d early 5 turrets tear her apart. I’ve been playing Bucket constantly and with 11% damage boost hes pretty devastating. Not to mention tagging the monster every 30-60 seconds with UAV.


Bucket is my friend Scott’s go-to Support and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The more love for bucket the better. Bucket + Griffin dialogue is great. I really enjoy him as a character too.


I thought I was the only one… I was starting to think everyone else hated Bucket. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a robot that some people don’t like him (racism=not cool), but I find Bucket a superb support, and all-around a great addition to (nearly) any team.


Just putting this here as it’s more relevant to this thread (in reply to this comment on the “Bucket buff” thread Does Bucket need a buff? ) ;

  1. One doesn’t sit around all match spotting. As I mentioned earlier, it is for 3 places generally…

A. When the match starts to keep early pressure on the beast.
B. When in the dome (especially against a Wraith)
C. When dome expires, once again to keep the pressure on.

As I also stated, in most cases I am still the first one on the monster after marking it or no more than 50m out when battle starts. It’s not a big deal. Most of the time the trappers tools (tagging, sound spikes etc) will be enough to keep it moving during the match.

  1. The turrets are good in many situations…

A. When a wild beast is chasing and you don’t want to stop
B. When engaging the best at any point.
C. Setting up defensive perimeters on power station etc…
D. Around fallen hunter when cloaked, to pick them up.
E. Choke points

And one should never put them all in relative proximity so that the monster can wipe em out in one go. Be sure to add the 15% damage perk, it makes them all that more effective.

Anyway… just some more thoughts

Oh and BTW gang, got my Elite skin last night and managed to get into the top 15 in the leader boards (for our beloved Bucket)

Does Bucket need a buff?

Ok gang, I made a quick video with some tips (Many based on this thread) for my boy Bucket… I made it up to #6 in the world leader board, then it got reset… sigh.

Anyway, it was only the leader-boards, not my entire progress (which happened to a friend while we were playing). It was nice to be top 10 while it lasted… I still kick ass though, so no worries

Here’s the vid… hopefully it can help those looking for Bucket mastery

Some other Bucket vids (not mine, but good)



Cheers @TheGypsy for linking this thread! Nice to see the other bucket enthusiast’s out there!

Recently got the elite skin so thought it might make sense to post the vid here, seeing as my thread will soon die with all the others :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically shows off the what the skin looks like and the buffs it gives @ Lvl 3 Mastery!!

<3 Bucket


Just got my Elite Bucket skin as well and it was a blast to earn it. While Cabot certainly has his charms (sorry, not a big Hank fan, just don’t like playing as him) Bucket is truly awesome and since I’m primarily a Trapper no doubt the UAV is a big piece of the charm.


NPs @Cobaas … just showin’ some love for my boy and hopefully helping out those that want to get better at him. Congrats again on the Elite status. Leader board reset on me and I lost my #5 ranking, but I am already back up in top 300… should be up there again in no time.

@MAMEiac - yea, I actually found the tasks (like the 25 stage 1 spots) helped me learn the character better. And yes, having the UAV allows the Trapper to not have to bring Maggy all the time to ensure the pressure is kept on the monster. It’s a nice back-up to have on the team.


Nice little tip from @MaddCow I thought to add to this thread