Bucket And Sunny Advantages


I was heavily thinking about Support characters mainly focusing Sunny and Bucket. I’m talking about this because I had a super close game with Gorgon as Bucket. So, long story, short: My whole team’s gone and it’s just me, I set up sentries and hold out for the remaining 40 seconds. My whole team’s back, they get their second strike, and everybody dies again. This time I couldn’t hold out and it ate the tiny bit if armor from my teammates. Then I cloak, Sentry Guns starts shredding the armor, then Gorgon uses
acid and it barely got me because I was in low health, his armor was gone and he got lucky and barely
won the game.
Another close round, this time with Sunny in Arena. Behemoth kills my whole team because they were camping in a corner, I placed my Shield Drone down and gave them boost and they didn’t even use it. So, I end up being the last one left and I place a Shield Drone down, Monster Evolves to Stage three, I shoot as much as I can and he came rolling right to me. The Shield Drone Shielded some of the damage I took but he destroyed it and I lost, with 400& Bonus damage too.

So, I am going to talk about some of the Positive things of being Sunny and Bucket, and talk about some of the Negative.

Sunny is a really good Support with the right player. She can: Boost the Trapper to catch the Monster at an early stage, Shield HERSELF and the entire Team. She can be very supportive in battle by boosting them out of projectiles and a teammate who is taking a beating. Very picky complaint, when the last Hunter standing and the Monster starts to attack the relay, her weapon is well, kinda poor on Accuracy. Not saying that she’s not capable of doing so, because I say players from a good amount of distance from the Monster shoot* him off the Relay. But, I realized that good Monster players will ignore her and keep going because her gun takes time to aim in the proper position and really hit the Monster with it. Like I said in Arena, her gun is way to slow to hit Monster constantly with it and one with full armor, your going down before Behemoth will. Even with 400% damage bonus. Believe me, I tried.

Now on with Bucket. without doubt, he’s probably one the most hated characters in the entire game, alongside Lazarus. He’s my main Support. Bucket can really be helpful to the Team: He’s sorta more stronger with damage Buff, because of his Sentry Guns and Guided Missile Launcher. Bucket helps the trapper early on by tagging it. Also, strongest Support character that can hold his grounds, damage-wise. He’s the one that can turn the tables when you have his Sentry Guns spread out properly. When Bucket is the last Hunter, he can shoot missiles from a distance and guide them around obstacles. Sometimes the Monster doesn’t expect you to have your Sentry Guns Spread out and that’s when that game can turn into a clutch! He’s very good in Arena when’s the last remaining hunter, because he can set up Sentry Guns and constantly shoot missiles. Plus 400% damage bonus, the Monster is going to have a hard time. especially when the your Team already shot all the Monster’s Armor, or did some decent damage, the Monster’s in for some trouble. And if you brought damage perk, add up all those things, and you have a higher chance wining as the last Hunter than you being Bucket than you would Sunny. The only negative thing I think of Bucket is no Shield. Other than that, he’s cool to me.

So in conclusion, Bucket can clutch and deal extra damage to help the team and possibly find the Monster early on, Sunny is incredible for supporting and that’s that. So in all seriousness, I have to go with Bucket if I want a clutch, big maybe though. I’d go with Sunny to play it safe all the way. Tell me what you think of Sunny and Bucket and or prove me wrong about any inaccuracies I may have made, or to debate on one of my opinions. Be sure to Like, Comment, and Share. That’s All Folks And Happy Hunting :grinning:


Holy lack of paragraphs Batman!

I tried but it’s hard to read without paragraphs so I’ll just say this, Bucket is very underrated.


Much. Lol.

Bucket is the best lone survivor support at the cost of not really being a “support” for the team (he can deter body camping and that’s it really), but his damage is great, rivalling even an Assault’s. I love running him with jump height, springy Bucket can place turrets up high easily and doesn’t leave many tracks when he cloaks.

Sunny is better though imo, mininukes hurt, jetpack boost has a lot of utility defensively and offensively and the drone increases the entire team’s survivability, it’s hard not to love her kit imo.

Also, who wouldn’t want to be Batman?!


I agreed. Though I always go with Health Regen because when your whole team dies, which includes the Medic, I can I have a constant state of healing. And when my Cloak runs out, the Monster will have to face me in full health. Oh, and I guess I took the Batman thing too seriously. My bad :sweat:


Sunny is the best all around support, and strongest support within nearly all contexts of the game- only being edged out by Hank in specific situations.

Bucket is trash tier.

My 02 cents.


Don’t hate on Bucket! Everyone’s just to spoiled to get off of shields already. Really, a Support’s job is to SUPPORT the Team. He just Supports the team in a different way, man just stop hating on Bucket already :rage:


Bucket goes better with aggressive teams. With Laz as the medic, Bucket is able to punish a monster for body camping. That may be the only medic he is good with now though as far as I’ve seen.

Sunny is that full sustainment support, using a lot of tools to keep everyone safe rather than full on dmg. You need teammates that know how to work with her or she will not be very effective.

Both supports work great. I rather Sunny only cause it’s a more defensive style.


You’ve got the wrong idea. I love bucket. I love his kit. I love his play style.

But let’s not beat around the bush.

He’s trash tier

If a monster loses to bucket. It’s either behemoth, or the monster player was pretty outplayed and/or made a lot of mistakes. Can bucket “work”? Sure. If you tick one of these two boxes.

And no. My usual players aren’t particularly spoiled by shields and boost. We (with me normally playing support) run Cabot. A lot. And now kala a fair bit. We only use Hank when we’re “try Harding” in customs against competitive kraken players.


This. I don’t know why people are in denial about Bucket. He blatantly in a bad spot. When he’s non existent in competitive and only used as the “I’m getting bored with Sunny/hank” or troll pick it tells you.how bad he is.

It’s been a year and Bucket was only decent for a short period of time when he received several buffsin one of tthe title updates. How long do we have to wait before this character is as viable as Hank/Sunny?


In denial!? People do like Bucket still. There’s millions of people who play as him judging by the leader boards. The wins and loses increase every day because obiviously people still play as him and enjoy him. Plus, possibly, TRS already comfirmed that he getting some changes and on top of that, Tier 1-3 are getting variants. Which includes Bucket. Maybe the variant will have a more viable kit. Hopefully it does.


People liking him has nothing to do with what he said.

He says in denial as in they think he is in a good viable spot and you attitude of likening him really doesn’t disprove that point.


Doesn’t really hold relevance that he is getting changes in the future as this a conversation about his balance as of right now.


Ummm… we aren’t flaming Bucket but simply stating where he stands right now in balance.

You made this topic to discuss balance but everyone who disagrees is flaming him?


I suggest you learn the difference between what we are discussing and what flaming/insulting a character is. Bucket is a cool character(second favorite personally) but is in a bad spot in balance. Not flaming but just stating a fact about balance and nothing about who the character is to us.


@Destroyer123123 Ok, maybe flame was a big word. And OH I know what flaming is. And no, not everyone that disagrees is flaming him, but look at some other comments and this one person calls him straight out “trash Tier”. That’s not an insult? Reason why I stated someone else is because you put “We” don’t flame Bucket. Maybe you don’t insult Bucket, but other people do. And as for the thread part, this is called Sunny and Bucket ‘‘Avantages’’. To talk about there strenghts and weaknesses. This is not a balance thread. I didn’t say Bucket or Sunny are unbalanced.


I don’t see why you would be taking such a thing as listings character “trash tier” so personally though. That’s the part I don’t understand as you take things a little too personally.

Trash tier is just another term to overly express the fact the character is in a bad spot and whether it is unnecessary or not I suggest not taking such things so seriously as you and I both know Bucket is just a fictional character. No one is saying he is badly written or they don’t like his personality so simply expressing their opinions on his balance in an excessive manner really shouldn’t effect anyone in terms of feelings.

Just a suggestion to detach yourself a tad from such exaggerated terms because they still do hold merit and no one is personally attacking anyone.


Alright, maybe I shouldn’t take this too seriuosly. well, sorry for that, it is just a fictional character. Really sorry about that :cold_sweat:


No worries :bucket_salute:


I’d have to disagree,i think yeah at high end play Sunny is probably the best (even after nerf) but in pubs Sunny isn’t better than Hank,people don’t know when to boost people when they’re Sunny also the drone doesn’t always shield the person in danger or can’t see them because of L.O.S issues.

The easiest to use is Hank in my opinion and out of all the supports i prefer Bucket the most not because he’s good or anything but i just like his abilities better, even though you’re better off with a shield support in this game against the silver monsters.


Well, I see what you mean. Shield Drones can be a bit off at times. But the boosting, though. Most of the time the player’s fault not doing their job, not Sunny. But, if you get lucky enough to have a good team like Val, Jack, and Sunny, that’s a terrifying combo for the Monster. Shield, Boost, Heal, all the while, the Monster’s being repulsed. And I agree with you about Bucket. His abilities are funner to use and fun to play as in general. But with a good Silver Skilled Monster, I’d go with Sunny.


Sunny is great in coordinated teams. But she is quite honestly terrible with pubs. Like, pretty bad.

Bucket is good at defending important spots and keeping tabs on the monster. But because he now has 3 you need to pay attention to sentrys more.

Both are good picks, but wont really do anything in bad teams. Bots included