Bucket and Quantum Caira synergy

I’m having a really hard time playing with the two together. Bucket’s MR is a very powerful tool but the way Qaira’s class ability works (its battery base unlike bursts for every other medic). Often times I’m in games where bucket would waste the recharge because they used it while Qaira hasn’t been using her ability or she’s still in the middle of using it.

I was actually expecting this to be a “Quantum Caira is actually viable with Bucket!” kind of thread…

I found this more disappointing than one of your Twerking Monster threads…


I think bucket should be able to see everyone’s class ability reload


Same, @BEAF.

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That would be an enormous QoL buff :smiley:

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I’ve come across a team who managed to pull it off really well with Torvald. That it requires coordination, that I admit.

I’ma tag @Skemo,since we have a somewhat awesome that show the synergy of this couple

She has two GIANT cyan and magenta rings around her while using her heal burst… If she doesn’t have them anymore, use MR…

It’s not that hard to notice TBH…

yeah I’m the bucket i have this in mine, but in general online play it can get pretty bad.