Bucket and laz questions

as a 350+ hour of the game, this isnt supposed to be a simple answer from you guys.

Why is the bucket/laz combo so useful? wouldnt hank being able to shield him long enough for him to get his cloak back be a much more powerful combo? or even sunnys jetpack booster?

just a question…

EDIT : Ive seen the responses to my questions and i greatly appreciate the help from my fellow forum members :] . With this in mind, i would like to say that while playing in a premade team i found it very easy to kill the monster and can see where all of you are coming from. although, i rarely play with a premade and i when i play as bucket the laz is usually trying to shoot the monster while im simultaneously trying to cloak him. Thanks guys. <3

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The sentries really benefit from from the damage markers and so do a tonne more damage and you’ve still got the cloaks to make it really hard to find the laz so with monsters who are experianced with finding cloaked hunters, i doubt it’s very effective.


If you want Laz to stay alive then yes, Sunny and Hank are better. Bucket is a better pick because you can punish the Monster for body camping, which is ultimately more important. If you have Hank or Sunny there’s less pressure on the Monster since your team comp won’t be dealing as much damage.

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Turrets can be a dissuasive measure. A monster isn’t going to want to chase anyone through a bunch of turrets. As long as people know how to play with this comp and know how to play Laz, this comp doesn’t really need defense. The number one mistake I see pubs making with this comp is not knowing how to cloak. People seem to think it’s a good idea to cloak after the monster is attacking you. In general, it should go like this: monster looks like he’s going to focus Laz? Cloak. Support, get turrets up for a safe area and co-ordinate with Laz to chain cloak. Laz’s cloak runs out, Bucket cloaks. Get good positioning and good turret placement. A good Bucket/Laz will get good positioning so that Laz’ cloak is ready again by the time the monster can engage Laz. Rinse, repeat.I can’t count the number of times I’ve played as Laz and my cloak is running out and I ask Bucket for his cloak and he doesn’t use it. I die. He uses it for himself but ends up dying anyway. Buckets: it’s okay if you die. It’s not okay if Laz dies. Save Laz first. Make sure your turrets are always up and be ready to cloak Laz.

But, yea, good luck accomplishing this in pubs. Usually when I play Laz in pubs, trapper or support dies, Assault thinks it’s a good idea to facetank the monster and lose all his health and dies in the same place. Can’t really get anyone up without killing myself. Sometimes I go for it, sometimes I don’t. By this point it’s obvious we’re going to lose because no one knows how to play lol.


They fit perfectly for so many reasons:

  1. Destroys monsters who are forced to body camp. (No other medic forces body camping, no other support punishes a monster that much who is in one place for a while)

  2. Turrents can be used to protect laz in general

  3. Laz’s target spots make turrents more deadly

  4. Cloaking and hiding Laz when his cloak is out (Yes all supports can. But when bucket does it, he doesn’t have to sacrifice helping the rest of the team because his turrents are still working. While hank and sunny have to stop everything to stay invisible)

  5. Leaving Bucket alone to use his UAV isn’t as risky because he always can be brought back to life if he gets in a bad situation.

What support do you like best with Laz? Is bucket your favorite with him?

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Cabot and Laz have pretty good synergy, as well. However, I personally wouldn’t gimp the rest of my team by picking Cabot in his current state.

I don’t think Cabot is terrible, but yeah I know a lot of people really hate him now. I like him with Laz as well my only fear is the trapper having no way to stay up, and monsters just taking him down, and leaving the dome.

He’s not completely terrible. It’s just that in his current state he holds a team back far more than he really ought to.

i agree, he isnt a damage dealing support, nor a protective one. he’s in the awkward state of having a semi - erection , its not full blown nor is it soft. Its a bad spot to be in since we all know that coordinating that damage amp with your assault on pubs is as hard as 1v1ing a goliath as val

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In the group I normally play with, we almost always run with Bucket and Laz. Our Laz player knows how to stay alive without a defensive support so we can make Bucket work. If it’s me though, I prefer Sunny since I’m not very good at playing Laz and the extra support is helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will try bucket next time I play with my group. I am pretty good at avoiding damage with trapper, so I will try Jack with Laz and Bucket next time!

Bucket can still chain-cloak Lazarus, and the extremely high damage combo from Bucket’s turrets and Lazarus marks means the monster can’t camp the body until it decays.

Then there’s the little things that make it even harder for the monster - the turrets are super loud, and it makes it harder to hear Lazarus proclaim things like “going invisible” and whatever he says when he takes out his glove, or when he’s beginning the actual revive.

If the monster camps, they take absurd amounts of damage - a great trade for the hunters. If the monster chases Lazarus, it’ll still be a great trade for the hunters assuming Lazarus can stay near the turrets. Plus you can react very easily to whichever decision the monster makes by just standing very far back, and watch them struggle to find Lazarus while they eat an entire hailstorm of lead.