Bucket and his turrets


So there’s a couple dropship conversations that explain how Bucket works. In case you haven’t heard them, his “consciousness” is in the ship and then he has the droid he can send into the field. Think EDI. He can also do a lot of different things at once, flying, fighting, cooking, the usual.

Now, I was just randomly thinking about how when his turrets hit a weakspot he says something like “I hit the target” rather then “My turrets hit the target.” This got me thinking, is Bucket controlling the turrets himself?


Well he is an extremely advanced AI. So I wouldn’t put it past him to be able to control the basic functions of turning and shooting as well as controlling his body.


I’d assume it’s AI controlling them with a friend and foe targeting algorithms to distinguish between enemy and ally.


Imagine the Internet, only Bucket.
He has a central unit (Body) and then different parts of his mind are sort of broadcasted into different areas of influence, so he has control, just not fully ^.^


That’s always what I kinda assumed too. But then there’s the stuff I mentioned, plus the turrets themselves have a Bucket eye…