Brussels bombing


So there’s been terrorist bombings in Brussels, both the city and country are in complete lockdown. My thoughts are with those affected


Was just on the news, there were direct explosions in the airport and on the train stations. Why do people find pride and pleasure doing these things? They’re just normal people trying to live a normal life.


damned these people


Simple. They aren’t people. They are the true monsters.


Objectively speaking, they think their perspective of what is right is the only one true.
The truth is that there is no true perspective of what is right. That’s why war exists in all of its forms.
This is not to justify what they did.


That’s horrible

At least they were quick kills and not slow


I wouldn’t be to sure about that, the death count is still rising due to the many injured fighting for their lives in the hospital.

I’m following the news right now (I’m from Belgium)


They have found two more (unexploded) devices, one near the University of Brussels and another one at Brussel airport, which has now been detonated in controlled environment.

Hospitals also reports that victims have nails in their bodies from the bombings. Which means the terrorists strapped nails and other metals objects on top of the bomb belt so it would hit more victims.


Well then, I’m glad you are not hurt


That’s horrible…

I will bring Doooooooom upon these terrorists!


Haha, I live in Montreal, no worries. I might have to make some phone calls to see how my family is doing but I don’t think anything has happened.


I join with you and everyone here in condemning these attacks and we are united in agreement that the perpetrators of these attacks are monsters.

Having said that, you’re objectively wrong.

Ideology has always been a false face (facade) for the naked desire to control wealth, resources and populaces.

War hasn’t persisted throughout the ages of mankind’s existence because different groups of people,“think their perspective of what is right is the only one true.”

War is the result of:

(1.) some (wicked and despotic) people using power (technological or social) to exert control over the world and other people for the sake of selfish power and control (of wealth and resources) alone, end of story.

(2.) other (normal and honest) people having to sit those pieces of shit the fuck down in their grave, often at the cost of their own lives.

War, war never changes, kiddo.


You win this time


The reason this keeps happening: Muslim extremists are stuck in the middle ages. Islam never went through a reformation to align with modern values the way the Christian and the Jewish faiths did, so hundreds of millions of people (among the billion that are in the faith) have very backwards belief systems. The fundamentalist culture of these communities lead to some people committing honor killings of young women who think for themselves, stoning people for being gay, and blowing people up with suicide vests because they don’t share your faith. Or they do in essence but are of a different sect so they deserve to die.

Killing people for a vague notion of holy war, on targets that have zero strategic value, is what religious nuts do. Not rational people. There are reformers out there who fear for their lives trying to change the culture that leads to these horrific acts and I wish them well.


I hate people like this all those people trying to make money and go somewhere :sob:


Once again, while these attacks are deplorable we shouldn’t let them get us down, as before, with the Paris attacks that’s what they want.

You want to know the truth on this matter? These terrorists are weak and pitiful. They are being pushed back hard in the Middle-East, and morale is at such a low point that you’ve got them killing deserters in order to keep others from deserting through fear. And even then, it’s not been 100% successful.

These attacks are about the only way they’re going to make an impact anywhere outside of the Middle-East. They’re utterly reprehensible, there’s no arguing otherwise. But these people have no power.


I think the one thing we need to do when it comes to these events is to stop calling them terror attacks. These aren’t acts of terror, they’re acts of violence and herecy. Nothing more. They aren’t special and should not be categorized as such.


Well those terrorist fucks are a bunch of monsters but tbh after watching the news and seeing how many people are getting killed in the Middle East , yeah 23 doesn’t really look as bad as the Middle East, I’m not justifying what they’ve done btw in case you’re gonna get mad and rage comment.


It’s terrible what happened. I woke up to see a string of notifications on my phone about it. I’m just thankful that with the recent list of IS members that was given to authorities, many people will be apprehended before they can do what they have or would have planned. They may be able to use the names to find others linked to the named people too.


   I think a more nuanced thought out view is in order if I say so myself. These terrorists were people with reasons, however twisted or misguided they were, they didn’t just make a decision one day to murder these innocent people because someone told them to or they read it was good in a holy book. One could consider the role of Saudi Arabia, and their funding of wahabbist schools in Pakistan which spread wahabbist extremism throughout the middle east. I bring up the Saudis because the U.S. has funded them for years, knowing this, simply because they have oil the the U.S. desires. I understand this is Europe we are talking about now, but the west in general casts aspersions on low level terrorists and Islam in general, when the onus should be on the groups funding and profiting off of the chaos they create. I’m not excusing terrorists, and to have to make that caveat is telling in it’self, but viewing this as “bad guys just do bad things because religion” isn’t giving this complex issue a fair shake.

  I fear that blaming this on a religion that consists of 1 billion unique individuals risks a prejudice that will result in more needless loss of life and misunderstanding than it will do any good.

  My thoughts of course are with those affected by this attack. They were Innocents caught in a tedious war of ideologies. May they rest in peace. I wish some solace for them and their families.