Bruh, challenges


There is no monster AND Hunter space, SO I want to know what I am to do about the challenges I participated in but STILL have not received skins for. (Goliath rock throw, and bucket sentry challenges)


Submit a ticket with 2k support.


Great, I get to wait three weeks for these skins. Thank you crimson legend. But a real big, sarcastic, thank you to 2k.


Not sure where you are basing your ire, SecretAgent. I’ve contacted 2k support numerous times for various bugs and problems and have gotten responses within 1-2 business days.


I get it from just before the resets, where everyone was getting reset all the time, it took them approx. 3 weeks to fix the whole ordeal.


Right, because 2k and TRS had to collaborate on the patch that made fixing the issue possible. It had to go through the long Microsoft approval process.


I love it when people who couldn’t even make a Hello World app or write a basic HTML document decide to criticize how long it should take IT experts to analyze and correct server databases


Really, you’re surprised by that? It happens EVERYWHERE. Ex. I’m a soccer referee and people who don’t know anything about the game criticize me at every corner because I call or I don’t call something. Point being, people who don’t know things like that, still express their opinions, their views, of/about services they receive.



Then you should be more aware than most that most often when someone on the sidelines throws a fit about your call, it’s because they weren’t in position to see it from your angle, and if they were, they wouldn’t complain.

Put it in perspective, bro.


Do you have a 2K account linked?

Also no need to contact them.They have already said they wont give the skins or anything.If someone doesn’t get them he should just wait for the next challenge


you sir should just hang tight, you should worry less about your skins and be thankful your game is working. Every once in awhile I get a error device hung error mid game and they still dont really know how to fix it. From multiple google searches, it seems to mostly to do with nvidia direct x 11 and the game, so nothing is as simple as it seems to us. They should get to you fairly quickly if it is an easy fix, if not then they may tell you the are working on the problem at hand. Though you should be very happy the game is running, would you prefer the game to not work and not having skins and being able to play evolve or would you prefer getting your skins but unable to see them because evolve is not working. Just saying its not too urgent, things like skins be polite and poke support let em know your skins aren’t in your inventory. You catch more flies with honey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In fact I got a huge box of candy recently, I sent a polite inquiry to a candy company, I had found wood in my candies, apparently for gummy candies they use wooden molding(who knew?!). The company sands down the moldings every once in awhile and it was pretty cool to hear how that works, but yeah a couple days later I got a huge box of candy! +^+ If you send a rude letter of complaint its more than likely you will get a coupon and no cool explanation of the candy making process. e_e Today is a talkative day! Much rant!


Hey, send me an email with your My2K email, list out what skins you are missing.


Such a pro.


I’ve been having this problem too with the voodoo, bucket and wraith challenges.