Brother bought season pass, only works for him?


So me and my brother share a ps4 and he bought the season pass, so I get on my account to go check out the new characters and I have nothing, it says I need to still purchase the pass. So I went onto his account and he has everything. I understand he bought it so he has the stuff, but do I seriously need to buy a separate season pass just for my account? So we have to pay another $50 on this already $60 game just to make sure we both get the characters on our 1 system?


According to this response someone received form 2K support, all DLC is linked and useable by one account:


well thats kind of a kick in the teeth,


Sorry, friend.


it doesn’t affect me personally, but i can’t help feel sorry for the guy


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It’s already being looked into by @SlabOMeat so hopfully the fix is incoming.


oh thats very good to hear looks like op might be able to play the new dlc soon/ eventually with out having to rebuy it thats


Bookmarking that link, thank you!


Quick question- is your account a sub-account of your brother’s? Usually PS4 requires one account be the ‘primary account’ for each system…I’m still digging into this issue but any details I can get are helpful.


In my case, the account I game with is NOT a sub-account of the account i use to purchase games and DLC. They are both main accounts that have the PS4 activated as their primary machine.

I have the digital deluxe version of the game which I purchased with my purchasing account. My gaming account can play Evolve, but can’t access DLC.


Same here. I bought the Digital Deluxe version with my Canadian account. Was able
to save 24 Euros that way. My main account is German, but both are activated as
primary. I am only able to use the dlc content with the Canadian account.

Although it doesn’t really matter for me personally because I started using my
Canadian account for Evolve as soon as I heard about the issue, it would be
great to see a fix for it. Seems like many people are disapointed by that.


Wait, then I don’t think the content sharing SHOULD work? I thought PSN’s policy was only local accounts under the PSN Primary accoubt that purchased the content would be able to access it? Unless I’m mistaken, and they’re actually providing it per physical machine, for anyone who logs on…


Content sharing does work. It’s always worked when its on the same machine, it gets a little flaky when we delve into the “game sharing” aspect, but that totally legit concept that was support by Sony is to share content across multiple consoles, not across multiple accounts on the one console (and only for that one console). I’ve never been able to buy content on my gaming account due to picking the wrong region (god bless Northern Ireland) when i created it, and this is the only time i’ve been locked away from my purchased goods.

All my digitally purchase games? No issues
Costumes i bought in DOA5? No issues
Extra weapons i bought in Dynasty Warriors? No issues
Season Pass for Resogun? No issues
Season Pass for Destiny? No issues
Season Pass for WatchDogs? No issues (apart from WatchDogs itself, lol)

Essentially, it is to mimic physical copies. Your family doesn’t have to buy the same game several times if they all want to play it, they would however have to buy the same game multiple times if they wanted to play it at the same time on different consoles.

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Thanks for the info! I wasn’t totally clear on how the PSN sharing normally works. Appreciate that you took the time to explain it.


What else is the internet for? :wink:


Wow that sucks. On Xbox One I have an account for myself and one from a friend that I’ve had a while ago. If I log into his account I could still have all the DLC content. If that was TRS intention then that’s a big letdown on PS4 users.


I bought digital deluxe on The Xbone I share with my family, and both me and my brother can use Hemoth and T4 on our separate accounts. Was somewhat worried we’d have problems when I saw this thread, but happy to say that we don’t have to spend even more money lol.


Commenting here because I have the same issue (bought on bros account, using my account to play on his system. He has all the dlc, I have none, its on the same console set to be his primary (so all users should have access to his content is how it normally works)), and I noticed it back when it launched and I didn’t have access to the skins (and was worried about the rest of the dlc). Sad to see its still locked to one and only one account and not regular account based/ primary console. I was hoping theyd changed their minds or fixed it, but looks like I won’t be getting back into this game
The responds from 2k support at the time:

"I’m sorry to hear that you’re having an issue with Evolve. Thank you for alerting us about the DLC issue you are encountering. Thanks to the work of diligent players like you, we’ve been able to collect enough information about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working toward a solution. Unfortunately, we do not have visibility on their progress here in customer support, and so we don’t have a timeline for a fix to be implemented. "

Really starting to regret this purchase

Edit: here’s another statement from back near launch