Bronze Master (Formerly Elite) Hunter trying to rank up (ps4)


I can’t get past elite due to noobs and ft3 Wraiths who max out Decoy. My info:

PSN: SnakeSound222
Preference order for Hunters:

  1. :assault:
  2. :trapper:
  3. :support:
  4. :medic:

I don’t have a mic. I might be getting one soon.


A bronze master!? I have yet to see one!


Changed to correct category and added ps4 in title.


I was Bronze Elite, and the fact that I am better as Monster doesn’t help.

Oh and I did have an ocular migraine, so I have to limit myself. And I have only been playing the game for about six months now.


You can add me if you want


Umm I couldn’t find you. I looked up Lavadragon2k but I didn’t see any players with 2k.


Psn: lavadrag0n2k
O is zero


I’ll add you tomorrow, sorry about the wait.

And it turns out I didn’t get a mic (I wanted some Turtle Beaches for my birthday, didn’t get them and they had a mic). I do try my best to work in a team.