Broken solo mode


Solo Mode needs to be fixed A.I. is awful, doesn’t use any skills other than follow my player, and shoot.
The A.I. is so dumb that they cant even tell when I am boosting their skills or anything. I only have fun when playing as the monster and thats a 50/50 gamble, healer is either too dumb to heal the team (meaning I can end it in less than 3 minutes) or I can just be reckless get to stage 3 (without taking damage) and take out the power relay without a fight.
I dont want to be limited to just the Monster I like the hunters and would like to enjoy playing as them, at this time there is no point in playing the game


I’ve never had a major issue. Sure they just follow me but they perform rather well when trapping and fighting the monster.


My trapper throws the dome down maybe once a match, my assault knows whats up only cause its his job to attack, the healer never heals, or say I do take the chance and play as a hunter… lets say sunny and I want to boost them, they just stand there and waist my boost I wouldnt mind them just following me, If they only did their jobs


I’ve noticed the same problem, though only with the Tier 4 AI. Torvald never threw up his shield even once and relied exclusively on the autoshotgun, Slim would only heal players besides me and never used his heal burst, and Sunny placed one shield drone at the very start of the first encounter and never again after. Switching to Torvald would leave Crow without Gobi, in essence.


I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t have any of these issues. My trapper plays rather intelligent and when I use the jet pack boost its usually during battle and its very effective


Don’t get me started on the AI. It’s almost like gently encouraging you to play multiplayer because the AI is so bad, but I prefer playing solo if I’m just grinding. It could be a lot better with some commands for Hunters - some level of control besides swapping between them and leaving the rest to their basic follow or fight routine.


This is a strange observation, even angryjoe praised the ai system, ign and game informer made comments as well

Me personally the ai have been very good, especially with the tier one team


The AI with the other hunters remains excellent, but Tier 4 has stopped performing in a satisfactory way. My own observations.


Hmm I’ll have to revisit the game tonight to see how they perform


I got the same problems since 2.0.
I gathered some of the Things i experienced in this Thread: