Broken Right Trigger Dualshock 4 Controller

Has anybody else had this issue? I’ve now had 3 controllers encounter this exact issue, I don’t press hard on them, no children in the house. It’s always the right trigger, it starts sticking when I begin pressing it down, it doesn’t go down smoothly as it used to. The left trigger never seems to be effected, although the right is more frequently used I’m sure for shooters like Evolve. But I don’t press hard on them, ever since it happened to my first controller!!! I’m baffled quite frankly. I know Microsoft has a new Xbox One controller coming out that is worth a lot more, but very durable and built much stronger than the regular Xbox One controllers, I hope Sony does something like this for Microsoft, it’s became a huge issue for me.

My right trigger broke too. But that’s because my dog chewed it. Other than, I haven’t had my PS4 for that long. So there’s not much I can say. As for the new Xbox Controller, that’s mainly Microsofts own pro controller. Much cheaper compared to someone like Scuff.

Scruff? Do they make PS4 compatible controllers?
I’ve had my PS4 about 2 years, so I expected a bit of wear and tear, but my first controller lasted up until April by itself!!! My last 2 had the same issue though within a few months. I was very aggravated, I don’t push on the triggers hard at all.

I’ve replaced mine 3 or 4 times b/c of the right trigger. Contact Sony, they replaced mine each time at no cost b/c I was under warranty.

If you aren’t under warranty, do a YouTube search of the fix. You can unscrew the back and remove a spring in there to get you by a little longer.

Thank you for the info!!! I bought them at GameStop so I’m not sure if I’m under warranty or not.

I think they make Ps4 controllers. Double the price of a standard controller though.

Don’t even get me started, my original controllers r2 broke very early on but it still worked, so I used it up until june just there. Now it’s royally fucked, so I had to buy a new one. Got a Glacier White one and it’s sick so hopefully it lasts. My only problem was that some games didn’t detect me pressing the R2, that’s why I had to get a new one. I would just suggest getting a new one again dude.

You could always buy an Xbox one :smiley:

Lol, I have wondered if I’d be happier with the Xbox One. As of right now though if I had the cash I would get a gaming PC, that’s the dream. Sigh
I love my Playstation, but this is crazy. And @XMetrusX , I would but I’ve bought two in the past 5 months and they’ve both had the same issue!!! It’s driving me crazy. I Want to try and fix it but I’m not very handy. Feel like I’d mess it up more.

The controllers are made cheap, you can tell aside from the light bar and touch pad.

Yep, the R2 on my controller broke. I opened it up, pulled off the springs and the R2 works great, but no games will recognize the L2. Seriously? That will need replacing soon, but limited edition Forza Xbone is happening in September. I’m curious to see what I think of those controllers.

I was always an Xbox guy, I loved the crap out of my 360, and still have it. They’re controllers have always felt comfortable to me, and the One has only improved everything. I loved the idea of your controller using less battery when you set it down!!! That is genius.
The Playstation 4 won me over though, it sounded like it had more features that appealed to me. The Xbox One has many better qualities, some of which I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Like the super easy transitioning between all of your apps, and the new Kinect looks brilliant. And it sounds like their controllers are more durable. :stuck_out_tongue:
One day I’ll own every console, and a super PC. Maybe even Guitar Hero… Naw, a Pinball Machine. :smile:

I think alot of people that moved to ps4 may be regretting that decision now, especially with backward compatability coming soon.

Just as a side note- I onky own an xbone but I think both consoles are good personally.

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My original ps4 controller had the L3 left stick break when pressing it in. I was heavy on BF4 since launch and that game has a lot of running so i figured that caused it. 2nd new controller was bought before evolve and now the R2 is broken, doesnt fully register presses.

It was fine until i downloaded Slim lol. Hes a very r2 spam heavy medic for faster bursts and i guess the controller didnt like that. :confused:

I havent went out and bought a new one yet. Instead i used the ps4s built in options of custom button mapping. I merely swapped R2 to shoot to my R1 button. Works better because only class abilities like shield, dome, cloak are on r2 and you dont activate those all day. Also swapped L2 and L1 just in case haha. Takes some relearning but it works

tl;dr: same here but i “fixed” by using ps4s button mapping options to make R1 my fire button now