Broken monster garbage


Seriously I have played 15 games since update 6 times as the goliath and about 50% of them I actually won. Even rushing to level 3 I still get beat down so fast its ridiculous I loved this game, but since the update why even bother playing seriously pre-update I went 59 wins 2 losses post update im now at 62 wins 5 loses and the goliath is my best so I win 50% of the time with the only monster I was great with might seem fair but you got to understand that ive put in nearly 16 hours as the goliath alone and virtually none as the other monsters and preupdate I was pretty good post I cant even win a game as a level 3 with full armor and health its really frustrating. This is the only game I really play anymore due to my schedule so it really sucks losing the only game you loved to play anymore.


50% win rate is considered balanced.


Yeah 50% as a level 3 and with my best monster so less than 35% with the others.


Then you are playing against good players.


Can’t win them all bud.


Whats the team comp? Is it all teams or a specific one?


Heres the thing I don’t mind losing if it feels fair, but a level 3 goliath with full health and armor and im only winning half when the monsters suppose to have the advantage at level 3 does that seem fair? If I got caught at 1 and lost fine that’s my bad for being stupid level 2 I should have a fair fight but level 3 max hp and armor does not seem fair the last team comp I paly was Torvold, Maggie, hank, and slim I only downed hank 1 time and Maggie 1 time that was it. My style of playing is eating perk 75% with full fire breath to cook my meals on the go. followed by 2 in rock and 1 in charge at 2 and max rock, fire, and either 2 charge 1 smash or 3 charge and I cannot get anyone downed.


Im not gonna turn this into an “X/Y op” thread but i wont lie, Torvald and Slim are forces to be reckoned with rn.
Or you could have just been outplayed by someone with skills, but eh what do i know


You’re not supposed to have the “I Win” advantage just because you got level 3, it just means you have a much bigger chance of winning providing you actually play properly and don’t just expect the hunters to keel over and die, I play with a pre-made and I’d say half of our wins are on monsters that got to level 3.


Then would you consider the monster to have the advantage if your winning half? Because from what I can tell at level 3 it is suppose to have the advantage and if your beating levels 3s at half it means the monsters are too weak right?

Honestly pre update I felt the goliath and kraken were pretty balanced and I only dreaded playing the wraith due to the fact it was nearly impossible to catch unless your trapper was on point.


Simple guide lines to winning as a monster:




Victory Roar

Does that halp


Lol yeah super helpful :smiley:


Welp its my job to be halpful
Just read this Daisy story and understand

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All those games were against different groups and even the ones I won I barely won.


Heres the thing. Everyone can’t live forever. SO JUST





Videogame logic at its finest… Hold on I’ll be back guys!!!

I’m about to start step 2, and I really hope I get to step three in the real world one day


I find goliath still fine! :slight_smile:

I’ve been fighting the 4 tier hunters very often the past few days. Tier 4 hunters are about 80% present in any lobby that I’m in as a hunter and monster. The only hunter that I have a problem with as the monster is torvald. Those mortars cool down very quickly but besides that, I don’t mind the other 3 hunters.

I could actually say that these new hunters improved the way I play already. Getting better every day.


In the viewpoint you’re going in yes. But the aspect that negates that logic is that different people have different skill levels. You can’t NERF good players and then BUFF bad players for balance. That’s not what gaming is about. If that’s the route this game is heading then I’ll gladly not play any online from now on. Because what’s the point in trying if you’re going to get NERFED and punished for all your hours of practice? This guy only has 16 hours with Goliath and that isn’t enough time to consider yourself good (amiright?), but I fear that this game is beginning to take a turn for the worst if it’s definition of balance is how I put it and I’ve noticed some signs of it already eyes wide open in fear


Dude I cant play more than that and 16 hours as a goliath is a lot of time to get good you should really only need a few hours at best this game has a pretty simple learning curve so yeah


Correct. But if you get paired up with people of equal skill it should be 50%. The reason why this isn’t always so, is that matchmaking has less of a pool to find people of your similar skill level.