Broken hunters


Can you please balance your game like you care about it instead of becoming some aweful pay to play “we pander to terrible fps players trash heap” I just got wiped by two determining ranked a bronze elite medic and a silver support because sunnys shield drone is spammable auto aimed, has rediculous range and a high compacity that make it completely unfair. This is my third time going elite with the wraith. Thanks for the nerf. Meanwhile you can’t afford to change Sunny’s shield or slims blind because you dropped the bohemoth whose armor and health pools are stupid and require minimal effort on the players part to carry bohemoth to victory because he can out tank 20 solid plays in one game. How about instead of nerfing the free hunters and monsters and buffing the new ones to encourage people to buy your stuff. You made a fair game where you actively patched unfair trash and made a game people might still want to play in a year?

Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)

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