Broken Hill Mines ... they are broken right? No food!


So ive played for several times now on this map and every time i struggle to find any food on it.

it takes me around 10 minutes to get stage 3 even if i got a clear path all day cause hunters barely found me.
i wonder if its bugged or something, but ive also seen mammoth birds spawning next to bigger wildlife and killing each other.
if the hunters would now start to kill wildlife aswell on the map, there would be nothing left to hit stage 3…

maybe the spawnpoints of the wildlife isnt set correctly or something i dont know.


There are crates that add to the food supply.


yea there are but those doesnt fix the zero wildlife neither.

also since patch i get stuck alot of times been inside the loadingscreen for more than 3 minutes -.- happend 7 times now.


I use to have a problem with finding food but then I just played a solo game and mesmerized the location of good feeding spots, there are many other spots I’m sure but these are the ones I go to. Visiting two of them should get you to S2, getting strikes and visiting one more or killing 4 meat wild life should get you S3.


Think you mean memorized not mesmerized.


No he meant mesmerized. Don’t correct the man.


yea would be nice if it would look like this… mostly i head for 1 area like north or south - i find 2-3 things to eat mostly its just reavers and small stuff like that and theres not a single crate inside.

gota play that map by your own you will quickly notice that theres no food not at all.
mostly i have to travel around all 3 areas to get stage 2 …


I mesmerized them, do not doubt my methods.


I recommend you head to the area to the north and look for the mammoth birds first then work your way to the striders to the south on the hill. Like I said before you might need to get some strikes to get to S3, fortunately the map is pretty monster friendly when it comes to boxing hunters in tight spots.


read what i typed - i go north or south on the map and theres 90% of times just nothing. the last match i had there were exactly 2 reavers and 4 of those little crawling things in the entire north area.


[quote=“EAX, post:10, topic:56581”]
90% of times just nothing
[/quote] I am having a really hard time believing that but if that is the case then damn.


well im not sure if its a bug or whatever, but comparing the amount of food with any other map there is seriously nothing.


Can you record yourself going through the areas to show the differences?


i do not have any recording programs installed at the moment… also uploading without having a video rendering program would take all day.