Broken hill mine TERRIBLY balanced toward the hunters


Way too small of a map, not many places to hide, you just cannot run once the hunters find you, especially with sunny, and crow. Has anyone else noticed this?


I’m a PC user and haven’t had a chance to play, however both the new maps looked like they heavily favored the Hunters.


This is a good map to box hunters in with the hemoth’s rock wall though. I think trs meant to do this; if the behemoth tongue grabs and then rock walls in a tunnel the hunters have no way of getting around that for a short while


yet if you get seen at all stage 1, which isnt that hard because every opening from spawn has something breakable. You lose because you cant even get to stage 2 because of how small of a map it is.


Agreed with the rock wall, about time a map favoured hunters anyway! Don’t even mention aviary lol


There are a few hunter favored maps, and a few monter favored maps, but none to this scale. Like the title states it is TERRIBLY balanced toward the hunters, and i main hunter so…


Wraith trap definitely favors hunters imo, there’s some good bottlenecks in it


its a big map however, you can run to the other side and evolve, you cannot do this on mine however because of how small it is.


Can you imagine if trs made maps the size of skyrim? And had multiple monsters and hunters on the map? Limited amnt per server of course


are they? Sure the maps are small but they also have tiny corridors/chokes that heavily favor monsters


On the mines I had to make use of the speed perk as behemoth, rock wall often and roll as much as I could


I’ll go battle of Thermopylae in those tight corridors


Refer to previous post about being found


It is ideal for the monster to fight, and ideal for the hunters to find the monster,

It does not matter how easy it is for the hunters to follow you if you can kill them, and nobody chases when they are dead.

Behemoth, who fights at stage one almost always is unstoppable on that map, goliath and kraken can shine if you are prepared to fight early, and wraith is the only one who struggles, but there is all kinds of opportunity for sneaky pounces, and separating the hunters.


from what i heard, its suppose to help monsters by being darker than other maps so monster can stay hidden more


Broken Hill Mine is a HUGE map… how can this be too small? Do you mean Broken Hill Foundry?


well i guess i was wrong to say small, i mean everywhere is acessable by that one center area making it very hard to escape as the monster making it seem a small map. Last round i played as goliath i xould not shake the hunters no matter how far i got because everything is connected from that one center area.


the 2 new maps benefit the hunters in that its easier to navigate through them than the other maps, at least thats what i from the heard streams


The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of food. All I ever find is one meats. Very few wildlife. The food boxes or whatever don’t make up for it either.


What’s with Aviary, who is it supposed to favor?