Broken Hill Mine -- good wraith map!


I just wanted to take a moment and say how awesome the mine is for wraith. I went against one just now, and it’s quite a terrifying experience xD. Nice chemistry, Especially with decoy.


Hey man, since you’re on Xbox one and get the map early care to share some of the more interesting parts of the map?


Yea, for any PS4 players here we’ve not yet got to sample the new maps. I imagine the mine-like map being perfect for Behemoth


The new maps are awesome in general. I love the urban setting and close quarters feel they provide.

I’d also like to point out to all the DLC crybabies that they are free.


Oh that’s really nice of you to ask! Sorry for such a belated reply.

To be honest, I haven’t played it nearly enough to give many specifics (matchmaking being random and whatnot). What I can tell you that intrigues me most about it is its layout: There’s a central room with the power relay, and three (maybe four?) caverns that connect to it. That makes very specific chokepoints and thus very specific areas for the trapper to investigate. If birds are attracted to an area in one of these spacious caverns, you know the monster is in that specific area, and they’d have to go through that chokepoint in order to exit.

Aside from that, I really dig the design of it – super stalactite-y and whatnot. The way the Wraith just slithers around it and how when in stealth I couldn’t even see it as I went behind some stalactites is terrifying. I had one dome up where I wasn’t even sure if I had got the guy, the decoys just kept coming. He managed to avoid us using the cave’s natural layout entirely.


Oh and as for the other one (the urban one), I can’t say I’ve come to like it much. It has a nice design about it, but it seems terribly small – possibly the smallest? It has great potential vertically, though. I remember playing on it as Behemoth and finding it awesome that I could just roll down a hole and keep going on another level. This also makes it a frustrating map, however, for a hunter’s jetpack.


The many narrow entrances are also great for blocking off with behemoth’s rock walls. Seems like a bad map for kraken however


That’s mainly why I’m looking forward to it. A place where I can’t use Kraken.

I want to use Behemoth more. These maps may be perfect for that from the sound of it.


Yeah. Only uh… 3 1/2 more weeks. T4 already feels like a normal part of the game. Casual/normal players will probably stop playing the new content before the new maps arrive on PS4 & PC. Sigh.


If I had a PS4 or PC, I’d hop on and play with you! Haha


I would think the mine would be ideal for wraith considering it is closed spaces for the most part but I may reconsider


Yeah, the closed space and the many nooks and crannies lend itself to stealthy Wraith play and a super menacing atmosphere, in my opinion.


But that’s just it, the closed spaces are TOO close though for wraith, so like it doesn’t give her enough space to dodge and use hit and run tactics as effectively as she would on most other maps. At least that’s what I think


It’s totally possible! I only played against one or two Wraiths on that map. And it’s with that map as it is with any, and real estate: Location, Location, Location! haha.


Well, I’m speaking about the general location of the map. Also, I’m not saying u can’t win with wraith, I’m just saying I don’t think the mine is ideally best for her