Broken Hill Mine = Broken Map


This is the most broken hunter sided map I have had the misfortune of being forced into playing because you can not veto maps prior to queuing. I feel as if I’m being forced to buy/pick behemoth exclusively on this map. It’s sad that you are forced into playing a role and having to pay money to play that role. I’m a siver skill Kraken on PC and it’s a free win for the hunters every time.

From the monsters POV: It’s a small circle with 3 other small circles and 3 choke points…


Yea the broken hill mine isn’t really for Kraken or Goliath but you not being forced to play/buy Behemoth. You can use Wraith as well


Broken Hill Mine is a sad sack for a map, it’s flaws are pointed out clearly in this post.


Kraken is a no no but every other monster works perfect here. Just gotta start right. If they have daisy they will find you pretty quickly. However, head towards the indoor elevated portion of the map. You should be able to quickly collect food here. As behemoth I evolved in 1:00 the hunters didn’t even have time to get to me. When they did , I had chosen a perfect position in that area for the fight. After you are stage 2, the outdoors becomes more usable. Don’t fight in the swapy area unless you are kraken. Get a down or don’t the relay is great for any monster but Goliath. Not bad for Goliath though just use rock throw more carefully.


Don’t worry hunters can’t stand it either, feels Bob favored and its really annoying. Kind of wish it would just be removed from ranked considering nobody likes this map, but the creative team did put some thought and effort into it so I try not to complain too much.


Actually, I like this map.

I used to hate it…haaaaate it…for the same reasons @SelfishGene cited. Then I got better at it.

  • Learn a good feeding route. Food is sparse towards the center and also in the venom hound section of the map.
  • Pick your domes. There’s plenty of loopy areas to fight where you have the option to mitigate if necessary.
  • Choose your monster and abilities accordingly. Behemoth and Gorgon can both be strong. This map is one of the only where my starting build for Bob includes 1 point in Rock Wall.
  • Consider multiple Stage 2 engagements. There are easier places to fight than the relay, so if you’re getting strikes at Stage 2, consider holding off evolving

Be cognizant that your dislike of the map is preventing you from getting better at it. That was my problem for a while.


I used to dislike the maps layout until i discovered how to use all of the elevation changes against the hunters as well as how bad of an idea it is to start a match by heading through that big open erea near the spawn. At this point, i feel i have an advantage if i end up in broken hill foundry as any monster, especially kraken and goliath.


Did you mean Broken Hill Mine?


I absolutely hate these maps.

Let me slip you a helpful piece of info…
When you are loading up a map that you don’t like, you can actually close app/back out. If you do it to many times in a short time you have a possibility of losing points, but that is rare.

It’s what I do to skip broken maps.


It’s also bad for hunters. If you dome in the foundry, monster can just run around the whole dome. It seems like you are engaging the hunters, so it’s not the best map for anyone.


Yup typo. Although i feel about the same with foundry.


There is no food . This is the problem

All around the map should be food . But unfortunately it’s not

In the middle . No food

Striders / venom on one side that doesn’t get you good armor . You are far away from staging up

North is the best spot

Second spot : contains mammoth birds

Kraken / Goliath / MG are really bad

Behemoth / Gorgon / wraith

If you face certain combo . You are screwed .

Rogue val (spam dart gun )

Sunny boost

WLM running movement


I can agree to an extent and not a fan of the map as monster. Its the enclosed areas and the difficulty of actually getting away I find.


It’s a terrible map for both sides. Some people think that’s what makes it balanced, I say it makes the map broken and anti-fun.


  • Nearly impossible to get away.
  • 2/3 major sections of the map have practically no food at all.
  • Not enough space for most Monsters’ traversals.


  • Jetpack is constantly wasted by scaling cliffs.
  • Duh, it’s a cave map. Not nearly enough spots for Orbitals, Dust Tags etc.
  • Lack of actual open spaces make chase comps that include Griffin or Val redundant. You can’t keep LoS to the Monster long enough to do that, not to mention that the Monster doesn’t have enough space in this map to get away from any comp anyway.

It’s frustrating for both sides.


Is this just the evolution of the

Q: "How do you (Insert question here)

A “Press ALT F4” kid trust me!

I wan’t to be leaf, its true. I would only be skipping BHM, BHF I is not fun but it’s not hopeless and broken as Mine is.


Glad to see this topic. I was actually wondering if it is me or these maps are broken.

Eventually I managed to learn reasonable feeding path and good spots for being domed in the Mine - I dedicated “special solo training” to it - but still this map is awful. Normally when they have WLM or Maggie I like to “cheat” Daisy. Or at least try. But to do it you need to get some distance from starting point (or from the place they catched/spotted you). On this map this is practically undoable. The only area on which you can circle around hunters is very small round section of the map.

However for me the other one - Broken Hill Foundry - is what I dislike the most. The main reason is its size - it is very small ! (even though on the mini-map it looks big). Naturally it has lots of tunnels/looping areas, but I feel like this is actually encouraging FT3 rather then solid Stage 2. When feeding - once the birds appear it is twice harder to lose hunters on this map than any other. Lack of flora does not help either. I must admit, that if I play ranked Hunt and get matched against team equal or stronger than me on this map - I usually quit before the match starts, just like @Torvald_Stavig said. :flushed:


I guess but what sucks really is that I only play Goli/Kraken. D:


At least its not as bad as Broken Hill Foundry. It sucks for every monster and even on hunters.
I personally like BHF even as Kraken, even though its not so Kraken friendly.

But yeah the map has a lot of issue with things regarding animal spawns and the general closeness of the map.


Play Behemoth, he’s actually quite fun.


I’d be vastly more afraid of a Crow with Movement.