Broken Hill Foundry/Mine in ranked?

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel these should be removed from ranked mode?

Maybe I am just bad on them, but Broken Hill Mine especially I feel is balanced towards the hunters…



I like both maps from both a monster/hunter perspective

I am iffy on the idea mainly because Broken Hill mind is the only map where i can successfully stealth until Stage 3…

I don’t see why Monsters see Broken Hill maps as a sign of death. I literally have zero problem with them and I always win. I find it more of a death sentence for Hunters.


I haaate BH foundry. When I play hunter the monsters impossible to fight outside of a few areas because so many different levels and places to run around.

As a monster theres never enough room for you to escape after you evolve and if they have a sunny they’re gonna be basically on top of you no matter where you evolve.


I hate both maps, Foundry in particular.

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You know, other than you find it easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d really like these and aviary removed. They’re not particularly hard to win on, just annoying and frustrating. these maps are unbalanced and fun and shouldn’t be in the mode designed to be “competitive”

Actually, the mines is a nasty map against a sneaking monster. It’s far from impossible to even lose a behemeoth in them.

Foundry isn’t directly hunter favored, it’s just small. The map got a lot of objects that let the monster avoid a lot of damage in the domes and the like. So, hard to evolve at but not very hard to not get killed at. Got several good juke spots as well.

But I agree that at least foundry is removed, because it’s a lot of factors that neither side can controll that decide who wins, which is something we really don’t want in ranked.

Oh my god yes. TRS please remove these maps from ranked D:

Yeah, that’s how I feel about it.

Do you mean mines? o.0

Don’t forget those boxes near they relay that are so easy to juke around as a hunter.

No, I actually mean foundry. While the map is small, most of the map itself is monster favored, especially if it want to run around rather than fighting because of all the pillars and it’s 3D design(as in, several areas have two floors. Some even three.)

So if you play your cards right you can pretty much guarantee to get to stage 3, though likely with a decent amount of health damage because of the increased risk of evolve domes.

Nope, no one finds it easy but me :smile:

Go HAM early game. Thats how I do it.

Yeah, lots of places for the monster to mitigate damage, if he doesn’t want to fight.

You must share your secerets!!!

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I personally think Aviary or Fusion Plant are the most broken maps in terms of fair fights.

Fusion has that giant rock which separates the hunters really easy and also one of the most bs relays ever.

Aviary has an annoying relay (for different reasons than Fusion) as well as those tight little hallways between biomes that easily create loops.

Ham? o.0

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If you’re talking as a hunter, then avoid that place? And don’t dome there?

In all fairness, all relays are against the monster. If the hunters don’t like the positioning, then they can just pick an area, and get the assault to poke at the monster if he tries destroying the relay.

Personally, I love Fusion Plant, and think it’s pretty fair, on both sides. Can be hard for monsters to escape trappers in my experience tho.

Foundry is hard to effectvely use but it can be quite fun to play on. All the verticality is fun to use. The only map in which I gladly will try to s1 you and will take climb perk.

It is fun to play on if used effectively.

Although if the hunters are good they can find you within the span of 2min.