Broken Hill Foundry in Hunt

I know pretty much everyone seems to hate Broken Hill Foundry, but I’m one of the (apparently few) people who absolutely loves it. Thing is, I never seem to GET Foundry, I played all night tonight and got Armory 4 times, Mines 3 times and everything else I can think of at least twice, but not one game on Foundry. Please tell me that isn’t intended?

And no, I don’t care that you hate Foundry because it sucks and is broken and nobody ever wins there omg noob


It isn’t, you have just been really unlucky. I personally like the foundry and mine (mine a lot less, but it is fine) because the verticality and the great fighting spots.

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I dont like how battles end up playing out on foundry, but in terms of looks its a great map. If you look off of the side of the cliff from spawn as long as its not really foggy it looks really nice. You can even see the broken hill mine from there.

I actually love the way it looks; that “recently abandoned” feeling it has is too cool! It’s just that when I’m a monster it’s a little more than frustrating to get away from a good trapper. :sweat_smile: (Love everything about the Mines tho!)
That being said I doubt that is intentional; just bad luck.

You lucky, lucky duckling.

You mean lucky? No Foundry = Lucky.

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Bu…but… foundry’s fun ;-; isn’t it?

just me?


I love the Foundry as both sides. The one I hate with a firey passion is the Mines. No one has fun in the Mines.

As a Goliath main I can confirm that Broken Hill Foundry is pure agony.

I love it to bits as a Wraith main, so many overlapping tunnels and little paths to juke past the hunters, especially since the one thing Daisy can’t magically do is go through walls. So much room for shenanigans <3

I love Foundry and I main Goliath. They run out of jetpack a lot thanks to its verticality and that means they don’t dodge them rocks so well.

I enjoy Foundry as a monster, but less as a hunter, as there always seem to be loops for the monster to exploit. Although losing the hunters for a good safe Evolve can sometimes be a pain…

Mines on the other hand… Gtfo