Broken Hill Foundry Bug - food containers (PC)



on Broken Hill Foundry are a lot of “lunchboxes” for the monster

but after destroing the containers, i have troubles to eat the food. sometimes it works instantly, sometimes i have to press the button 10 times until the monster begins to eat … loosing a lot of time on this tiny map where good hunters seem to be omnipresent


I’ve made it habit to get literally right on top of the metal before I try to eat; Usually works then. I waste too much time TRYING to find a spot otherwise. Annoying, but eh, we’ve all had sliding food before, so I chalk it into that category :stuck_out_tongue:


A little off topic, but the crates make noise when you break them, right? I never notice it on that map, but I swear I’ve heard that somewhere.


Thank you for the info, we will be looking into this! What platform are you on btw?


I seem to have this problem no matter what I’m eating. Half the time it’ll start eating then just suddenly stop. This is almost guaranteed if carrion birds pop up. It’s like my monster gets scared and confused and refuses to eat.


I’m on PC



Thank you! It has been logged. :smile:


Related - Can we just eliminate sliding food altogether? (cancel the ragdoll a little bit faster)
Its a quality of life fix for an issue that can be a real pain.


The critters do this at times as well so its not just the food boxes - Same map though.