Broken hill foundry Broken


why is a call of duty sized map in evolve? lol its very unfair if your a monster + no foliage + little amounts of wildlife it just seems like a very unbalanced map i have never once lost as a hunter on that map


So? Is there anything specific you want to discuss/talk about?
If not, then you might as well use any of the other topics about broken hill. There are many and it has been talked about a lot.
Just use the search function ^^


I tried that before and i got flamed for reviving an old fourm


I died a little


Maybe one of the bigger ones like turbine


you have to juke and double back after losing line of sight and then anticipate that they thought you would do that then triple back (go the initial way) or a new way altogether


Nah I just chuckled by the comparison. Yeah its an odd map which you have to kind of duke through the levels it has. Its actually not such a bad map although I don’t like the box area out side the relay. Horribly hard to fight there as monster.


Yea, and in this case everything has been said before and there’s nothing left to discuss.
Unless you have, as I said, something specific to talk about, other than “I don’t like this map”.


Is it because its true? I died a little to on the inside.
I for the love of god hate this map so much, its just outright frustrating for everyone to play in. Especially in Hunt for a lot of monsters. The ability to both cut off the monster and how easy hunters can just chase after the monster makes it a very crusterfuck experience. Because there’s no breathing room.

I’d take defend any day over this map.


If someone used common sense then i think they could figure out the topic id like to talk about lol and when did i say i never liked the map? i said i win on it all the time as a hunter on it lol i like the map i just think its unfair to the monster and want to hear thoughts about the maps balance in the current meta


im the only one who love this Map as Monster ? Perfect for Gorgon perfect for Behemoth


Not when you can’t feed. Bob might be a special case. XD


I agree with you there. The map is great for monsters.


I hardly ever lose as monster on this map. And yes that includes hunt 2.0

So from my point of view it would come off as monster favored. I rather like it actually as a monster. Usually play Goliath on it.


I think all of the broken hill maps should be removed still. But that’s me, and everyone else likes them…


Unfortunately they can never please everyone. I personally want the Dam gone.


I think its okay but i wouldn’t mind it being replaced


Other than the lack of wildlife I actually think this maps rocks as a monster personally. Also the dam is one of the most hunter favored maps around(right behind broken hill mine or refueling tower) but I still love it :smiley:


Oh I’m a wraith player so that could matter


I actually really like BHF. It’s got a very small surface area but it’s the levels in the buildings which make up for it.