Broken hill foundry as monster


Does anyone else think BH foundry Is a terrible map for monsters? It is extremely small with the majority of its food sources being those stupid crates and there is little to no foliage to break line of sight mid battle. I just beat same team of hunters 4 times and only lost on that map in the 5th game, then won the next. Same group of people playing exactly the same hunters.


Forgive me if I seem rude.

Could it just be that you’re not used to that map? Maybe do a few solo runs and try again? I’ll bet you have routes and strategies for all the other maps.


Well, I imagine that there’s maps that gives monster the advantage and other maps that’ll give the hunters an advantage. Monster can still pick where to fight the hunters at still and I’m sure there’s a few places on that map where it gives the monster the advantage. Sadly we PC players cannot play it yet. :c


So you would say you currently have a 50/50 win rate on the map?

Whats the issue?

Some maps are better for hunters and some are better for monster.


This. For example, Barracks. With a decent team, this is Monster suicide. Medic and Assault can flush the Monster through that central choke and bang. Guaranteed dome. Can’t miss.


I thought about that and understand where your coming from but I know the map pretty well, I’ve played it quite a bit as hunters


Did you find it noticeably easier to defeat the monster on the map when you played as hunters?


Definately easier to find them and killing just felt normal at the time


Have you tested all monsters? Maybe, with it being released alongside Tier 4, it was meant for Behemoth, even though it’s so enclosed?


Also I’m confuse. Are you winning as the monster or not? If you’re winning then what is the problem?


I was kraken and I’m pretty proficient with him, I’ve only dies 2 out of 77 games, and both were on that map now.


It does sound challenging, but I’d have to play around with it a bit. I’m sure there’s some trick - a shame I play on PS4.


I’m sure there is a trick but this is definately a very hunter orientated map


It is a monster paradise. If you use it properly.

It has so many tight choke points, so many vertical areas, flat plains with nowhere to hide, and rooms with low ceilings, close walls, and only vertical entrances.

There are spots where you cannot fight the monster, and the monster has to use these, and stay out of the killing fields. Any open space lacking cover is a death sentence to any monster, but I keep fighting monsters in them for some reason, better yet the area where the buildings are all different heights and spaced perfectly for the jetpack. If more monsters learned to stand and fight in their domain, rather than be chased to the hunters ideal arenas the map would be heavily in their favor.

It is interesting in that the best area for the monster are hidden out of the way, in the floor, or against the walls, and not obviously distinguished the way caves are. I find the lower areas, under the forge area where you are able to get under the grated floor in narrow alleys to be absolutely the best fighting spot on any map. The hunters have to drop in, and fly to get out, and abilities take up the entire path, unavoidable. And if you hit them they fall back in, no escape, only death, unless they manage to completely out dps you when you can’t miss (in which case that is sad beyond reason).

I will yield the point that escaping the hunters is very hard, but the thing is they stop coming after you when they are almost all dead.

I get more near stage one wipes on that map, and evolve in peace as the hunters all hide, afraid of the monster that wiped out half their team.

I love seeing the medic assault try to push me to the trapper and support on that map, it makes me so happy to only have half a team to murder.


Every map can be good for monster… Choke points? Tunnels? Trap them easier with the monster, and kill them. You’ve got to get used to it in my opinion.

After we get the maps on PC, I will be able to say more. But I doubt it’s impossible to win on a map, with a monster. If that were the case, the map would not have been released.


oh. the good areas to fight on that map for the monster are completely one sided, and the good areas to fight for the hunters are even more one sided. everything hinges on who fights where, and terrible monsters always choose terrible spots.

There are these tunnels, as mentioned in my previous post, you cannot go into them as the hunter, the ceiling is to low to get over the monster, the walls are too narrow to go around the monster, and the only way out is a vertical climb 3/4 as high as behemoth’s wall. You enter, you die. and it isn’t like you can get line of sight on the monster, there is a corner to hide around. with an exit on the far side. I refuse to even try entering them after the monster, and retreat pre-emptively if my team tries to.


It’s not impossible to win, it’s impossible to sneak and get away, it is the smallest map in the game. Once they find you once that’s pretty much it


Yes, sneaking is harder, but the fighting spots allow you a huge advantage, if you take it, and the verticality really disrupts the hunter’s ability to chase well.

The biggest issue for monsters is a relay fight.
The relay area has low entrances, and a wide open corridor flanked on either side by tall buildings and catwalks, and the approaches are all across open ground, allowing the hunters to see the monster coming a mile away, no matter how they approach. Then the monster arrives and has to climb the various tall structures to get to the hunters under fire from every direction possible, which is all of them. Then once the monster is up the hunters can clear their current spot for one of the others, which are far enough apart the monster has to burn a traversal, while the hunters barely need jetpack. It is a very hunter favoring area.

If you can knock the hunters down you might have a chance, as recovering is fairly hard, but the hunters also have many escape routes, and several long sight lines to the relay.


Aye. My old team hated that map at first, until it just kinda dawned on us…

“Why… why can’t Trapper just wait mid? There’s no other way to the other side.”

Minds were blown that evening. O.o


Lol. Especially with Griff. There is no getting past Sound Spikes in that choke.