Broken game


So… half of my matches since the DLC, the game just randomly glitches and returns to lobby after about 30 seconds of running in place. I don’t even want to play anymore until this is fixed. What’s the point?

While I’m here…

The new assault’s mortar thing does WAY WAY WAY too much damage. It’s sickening - it can be used anywhere and spammed constantly, taking 6 bars of armor each time. What were you thinking?!

Also, Hyde’s toxic grenades now (on the HUD) appear to recharge at the old rate while in reality, take the new (longer) rate to cool down. It’s very confusing as Hyde when your grenades say they’re really not.

[ This is on PC ]


You reported two bugs and a balance concern- I suggest making separate threads for those in the future.

In fact our wonderful moderators made a megathread for concerns on Tier 4’s balance. Post that complaint there.