Broken Forum?


Everything is not loading right. Even after refreashing


This happens sometimes - for me, closing the browser and re-opening it fixes it every time.


I had that issue but it fixed for me when loading a topic.


I closed and reopened. Still broken. Extremely hard to find reply box. I am on chrome.


Yeah…Not easy…


If you are posting pictures i can’t load them, weird.


Yes, I am…Heh. It’s so broken for me!


Delete your cookies and stuff like that. Who knows what works.


It’s a 404 error when attempting to load the site’s CSS file (a file that is responsible for formatting and visual styling). A Cross-Origin Reference is not being permitted to the resource, resulting in a 404, which makes it so the CSS file does not load, and you get the “broken” look.

This is an issue outside any forum-goers responsibility. Modifying your cookies will not do anything more for you than forget your session-based preferences and possibly log you out.

source: (is a professional web developer).


If you are using Chrome, after closing it, check your task manager. There are times when Chrome has a memory leak that can be cured by forcing any application of Chrome running in the background closed. Most likely won’t fix the issue, but it might.


Well; I deleted cookies both through chrome and desktop. Nothing. I will try the force close next…


I closed out. It wasn’t in the task manager(closed as it should). Reopened (Yes, it was closed when I deleted cookies via desktop). It has finally returned. Holy moley!


Mine’s gone a bit odd too.


Yay! Your pic is broken! Pretty sure you are dealing with the same thing. Getting a 404 when I try to open it.


A 404 just means the image doesn’t exist at the location specified. This is different than the server timing out or throwing an error. A 404 means that the server saw your request for the file, and came back telling you “No such file there.”.

In the event resources are being moved (causing the 404 errors), the best thing you can do is clear your browser’s cache. This will force the browser to request the file from the server (and hopefully if the new path has been updated on the server), it will pull down the new resource.

Thing is, that’s a different error from the 404 on the CSS file that is a CORS-related issue where if the cross domain XML file is not set up properly, than resources called from “other hosts” may not be permitted to be requested from base hosts.


404 Not Found


Is what I get when I try to open his/her pic.
I am pretty sure i cleared the cache as well…Oh well…


Clearing the cache won’t fix a 404 error.

Your cache is a copy of files and resources like images, CSS, JS scripts, etc. so that your browser does not have to re-request them from the server each and every time you load a page. Instead, it uses what is in the cache local copy. A 404 means that the resource you requested (be it an image, CSS, JS, etc.) does not EXIST at the location specified.

It would be like asking for a Burger at a Taco Hut. Error 404 - Burger not found. Clearing your cache will not modify the code’s URL it is using to find the resources. It just ensures that it asks the server for the file on the next request rather than using a local copy.


Must be on their end then.


It’s prepping for Thursday :smiley:


The forum is run by a seperate company i think, so i don’t why it would be prepping for thursday? And why thursday if i may ask.