Broken Cabot AI

So I was playing solo as MG, I just changed my gamma and FOV back to how I had it in the past, I tried to fight Slim whom I am inherently terrible at fighting and I managed to down everyone except Cabot, who uncloaked after everyone died and decided to just damage amp me.

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lol silly Cabot bots, tricks are for kids!

I seriously just stopped and turned around like… really? You’re gonna do that, as the last one alive?

######Also Tyrant OP plz nerf

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The AI is thinking OUTSIDE the box!.. Its not a bug at all… lol

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Cabot being bullied again ;-;


/jokes >.<

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Huh, seemed like a normal Cabot adding as much as he possibly can to a team in his current state.

In all seriousness, though.

AI, wut?

Cabots like that one boss that always tries to be positive and motivates people, but does it to the point of slight dorkiness.


Gotta use my hacks on Cabot

Up down left right right left Triangle circle Up down!

Yo, your video doesn’t work anymore!

I’ll fix it once I’m home!

To be fair, if Cabot manages to damage amp a Mammoth Bird, the world blows up twice!

You think its a joke until you get zapped by the 3 mammoth birds that were approaching you while Cabot amps their damage! Mammoth Birds FTW!

That would be epic to pull off in a game if it’s possible.

I can’t tell if you mean like if the Damage Amp targets a specific hunter/wildlife to boost their damage or you just don’t know how the Damage Amp works?

Not trying to be rude, I’m just confused :neutral_face:

I am joking about using the damage amp to buff a mammoth bird shock. I don’t know if that would actually happen in the game. Thus I am not sure if it is possible. I have never tested the amp regarding wildlife attacks.

Ah okay :grin:

You can use the Damage Amp on wildlife by the way, kinda helpful against tougher wildlife such as Tyrants or Crowbill Sloths

@aboatman @Knox45 Fixed the video!

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